The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Thinking inside that Amazon box. The Freebie will help with organization.

The holidays have come and gone - if you don't count the rapid coming of the Super Bowl. Some how I think that vendors of all types drive the 'special' days for financial gain. Amazon* - which interestingly means (In Greek Mythology) A member of a nation of women warriors reputed to have lived in Scythia. A tall, aggressive, strong-willed woman. At this time, of the 38 'executive jobs' are held by two (2) women - Beth Galetti, SVP, human resources, and Teresa Carlson, VP, worldwide public sector. Hmm. . .

Moving right along, those boxes from Amazon are not going to go anywhere on their own. They procreate at an alarming rate and out last Twinkies. You can do the usual creation of a cardboard design for your garage sale. Or maybe you like to hold on to things for costumes at Halloween. (Well, if you disassemble/flatten the box, it is not too bad except for the spiders.)

But I want to go a little farther up the food chain. How about:
  • When used beneath 2 or 3 inches of dirt, it really is an effective weed retardant. The flat cardboard, known for absorbing water, then creates a water retainer at the same time. Soak completely before installation.
  • Use them for organizing your car's trunk. If things are rattling around back there, this is a quick and cheap method to tidy the area up. Using these organizers in the garage or storage area is enhanced by the written info of the contents. It is not necessary to open each box when like items are stored together, even if they don't entirely fill the box.
  • A shallow box is terrific for your cat or dog's new home. The sides make the animal feel safe. Be sure to place some old clothing from family members as a mattress. The pet loves the scent of those items. Set the box off the ground for a cat and set the dog's new bed near a window for warmth and curiosity.

For the Freebie this time, I have created a little something to decorate and identify the contents. With a hot glue gun and some machine time, you will have everything ready for next year.  (Yes,  those holidays still come yearly.)

It is another way to save those scraps of fabric we all have. I planed for it to be done on fabric, preferably something heavy like denim or canvas style cloth. Upon completion, you will cut it away from the base, but I also think it will be best if you cut the design about 1 inch (25mm) from the stitching it should be suffice for placing on your cardboard box. I am using my trusty glue gun to make the contact quite permanent.

I have added, separately, a couple of words to add to your organized stash.

For the Fabric Stash, just use the descriptive word (separated by color), for your items that are inside.


* According to  Forbes Global 500 -
Amazon climbed eight spots on the Global 500, continuing its remarkable growth run: Sales have jumped some $70 billion in two years. Amazon’s enormity stems from its role as the largest U.S. digital retailer, the fastest-growing part of the market. Two other major factors drive the company’s growth: Expansion abroad to markets like India and the rise of Amazon Web Services, the company’s market-leading online storage and service operation. Amazon spends heavily to boost those sales: Faster delivery, robust entertainment, and robot-enabled warehouses are part of its increasingly ambitious plans. Amazon also began a North American competition for a second headquarters.

Thank you so much for joining me for these few minutes. I appreciate your time and hope you got something to take away from my blog. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. 

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