Vintage Clutch 2 By Eileen Roche

Make boutique-style clutches with your embroidery machine and the new Vintage Clutch 2 Collection Bundle.  This bundle includes 3 clutch variations plus embroidery threads in 15 wt. and 40 wt. and topstitch needles.

You can stitch one of these clutches in as little as about eight minutes on your embroidery machine.  There is a small amount of machine stitching and gluing the metal frame into place to finish the clutch.  You can stitch both sides of the clutch with the embroidery design or just one side.  You can personalize the lining which we will discuss later.  It will take you longer to pick out your fabrics than to stitch it!

There are 3 different variations for this clutch.  The first one is the Blue on White design.  It uses one color of thread, blue on white fabric.  Both the 15 wt. thread, which is heavier, and the 40 wt. thread are used in this design giving a hand stitched look.

The next clutch is the Waves design showcasing layered applique.  Be sure to follow the directions to accurately place the applique fabrics!  Several fabrics, colors and threads are used in this fun wavy, floral design.

The last clutch is the Flower Applique design which allows you to fussy cut your fabric for the flower or just use solid fabrics for the applique.  Here is a tip if you want to fussy cut your fabric:  print out the paper template of the design and then cut out the center of the flower to place over the fabric to “audition”.  Prepare your fabric for the applique following the instructions.  Stitch out your flower applique on one side or both sides.  Quick and easy!

Once you have your outsides stitched and cut out, then make your lining.  Have fun with your lining by using fun bold fabrics, personalize with an embroidered message, or you can even print photos on the lining fabric and then cut out.  So many ways to create a fun inside of the clutch!


After the lining fabric is ready, then stitch the lining and bag pieces according to the instructions.  Be sure to press well as it will help in the final construction of the bag.

The last step after the bag is stitched together, is to glue the bag into the metal frame which is available here.


You will have so much fun with these variations of the  Vintage Clutch 2 Collection Bundle!  You will want to make several for friends and family.  For more inspiration and tips, watch Ashley Jones and Deborah Jones on Facebook Live from August 26, 2021 Enjoy!

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