Six Months Until Christmas. Are You Ready?

The countdown begins! We always think we have plenty of time but Christmas will be here before you know it!

Get your machine serviced.

A good cleaning and checkup now will save headaches in November! At the very least, clean your machine. Remove all thread and lint from the bobbin case and below.

Organize your sewing room.

It is difficult to know where things are and whether or not you need supplies if everything is a jumbled mess. I have found that out the hard way! Your creative space does not need to be pristine, but at least it should be organized so that you know where to find your embroidery tools and supplies.

Check your inventory.

Do you need to reorder any thread? Thread is available here.  Sulky thread is also offering free shipping right now.

Check your stabilizer stock. You do not want to run out when the season of making is upon us. Remember that Ann’s Club members get half off stabilizers! You also get unlimited free embroidery designs, a monthly goodie pack and 25 percent off Ann’s alphabets.

Consider ordering blanks and just adding embroidery. Best to order early as many businesses have limited supply and/or reduced staff due to the pandemic.

Gather Your Designs.

I like to place embroidery designs I will be using in a special folder on my computer so that they are easy to find when I am ready to stitch.

Make a list.

Get ideas throughout the year and jot them down in your embroidery journal. It really is not hard to come up with gift ideas if you just listen. When you are ready to sew, pick a project and get started!

How do you get ready for holiday embroidery?

Debbie SewBlest

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