Keeping Stabilizers Under Wrap

When I first started machine embroidery, I made a real blunder by mistakingly using a mesh cutaway stabilizer that I thought was a fabric-type wash-away. Big difference. Here are three ways to keep stabilizers straight.

Stabilizer Slap Bands

This set of 13 color-coordinated slap bands from Kimberbell not only identify your stabilizer but keep it from unrolling. Tags are marked with names and are color coded: Tear-Away (Red), Cut-Away (Orange), Wash-Away (Blue) and Specialty (Green) product lines. Bands Included: Ultralight Cut-Away, Light Cut-Away, Medium Cut-Away,Heavy Cut-Away, Light Tear-Away, Medium Tear-Away, Heavy Tear-Away,Wash-Away Topper, Wash-Away, Wash-Away Sticky-Back, Silky Soft Backing, Flexi Foam, and Fusible Backing.

ITH Stabilizer Labels

It is always nice to have pretty accessories in your sewing room, especially when they serve a purpose. These Stabilizer Labels from Pat Williams are so cute, you can make a bunch for yourself and your friends. The set comes with six different designs that can also be purchased individually.

Insert the Label

You can always insert the stabilizer’s manufacturer label inside the stabilizer tube, but what fun would that be? It is definitely a good backup idea. Not only is it a good way to identify stabilizer type, it also helps to identify the brand when you want to reorder. 

Debbie SewBlest

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