The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Is it one, two or three? And, the butterflies are free.

It is likely cold where you are, it seems like it is cold all over the world. Life in these United States is about to change and I am looking forward to 2021 being at least a little better than 2020. Take your pick of multiple issues plaguing the US, it has hit the fan here. I appreciate the number of emails from around the world I have received with good wishes. Embroidery enthusiasts are a positive and supportive group. THANK YOU!

Newbies and seasoned embroiderers alike can have a question of why a single running stitch can be a single, double or even triple concurrent lines. 

I think the simple reason is that we appreciate new and different designs, creating new and innovative designs means thinking of how to make the stitches look different. The three basic but different stitches I am discussing are:
  • Single run line. Often used as an outline for small details. A basting stitch is also a single run. Outline designs are generally a single run.

  • The 'Redwork' or 'backstitch' or is used when there needs to be more definition or an outstanding line a bit showier than a single run. Basically, these photos don't show much difference, but in person, they make for interesting viewing.
  • Because the design is outlined, with minimal or no filled area, redwork is quick. The stitches used can include satin, stem, backstitches, and even French knots. Redwork is sometimes called the 'Kensington stitch' because the Royal School of Needlework, in Kensington, London, stitched redwork in the late 19th Century

  • Lastly, there is the 3 stitch running line, also known as the Bean Stitch probably due to its puffy appearance. The first time I saw a bean stitch, it was from a distance of about 12'. I knew it was different, but could not put my finger on what was different. 

These three stitches, looking pretty much the same in these photos, have a more defined impression in person. Again, you cannot say what the variation is, but your eyes do recognize a change.

You can take all three of these butterfly designs to play with. I don't believe most embroidery software allows for you to change stitch design, and very few designs indicate if they are done in a bean stitch. But you have samples that you can look for something different in your projects. 

I think this design, here at AnnTheGran for $1.99 is great for so many people and events. We have to laugh at ourselves and our circumstances. It has been noted that some of us have put on a pound or (well more than) two during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I hope this will make you laugh.
Thank you for joining me today. I am having a cup of coffee and I imagine you and I are on a patio sharing ideas and laughs (of course, being socially distant). Remember who you are protecting from the Covid-19 virus. We really have no idea what damage, if any, might be lurking to be discovered as a lasting health effect in the future. 

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