The ONE THING You Will Buy Yourself for Christmas!

SewTites are a game changer. Whether you sew, embroider, or both, they will forever change the way that you stitch things.

I recently had the opportunity to try them out and they work fabulously. If you have ever tried to hoop a stuffed animal or a onesie, you know how difficult it is to get such a small area centered in such a small area. SewTites were so much easier to use than pins because you could easily position and move them.

I started out by marking my topper and pinning it in place on the front of the animal. I marked centering cross hairs on the hooped stabilizer as well.

The flat back of one of the SewTites Dots was placed in the center of the crosshair on the back of the stabilizer. 

A pin helped to match up center points and the front of the SewTites Dot was added. That helped in getting the horizontal and vertical centering lined up.

After centering is complete, remove the center Dot since this will be your embroidery area.

With so many different sizes, you can always find the right SewTites for the job. There are also mixed packs with a selection of several sizes. The bars also help to hold the bulk out of the way. The really nice part is that you can easily adjust fabric in place with magnets. That is not possible with pins.

The backs are flat, so they do not interfere with any in-the-hoop stitching.