The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Are you distressed, ripped, destroyed? This will help! The Freebie will help too.

Looking for a project for my blog, I saw so many torn jeans that I thought, I don’t wear them, but the younger people in my family do. They were described with a lot of adjectives – hole, torn, ragged, and shredded jeans. There are hundreds of methods to create these marvels of mayhem, or you can just buy them.

Ripped jeans aren’t a new trend—not by a long shot. The distressed style has fallen in and out of fashion favor since the 1980s, but it seems that lately, they’re more popular than ever. If you want specific steps to mangle a pair of jeans, check the Internet, there are so many ideas for creating a fashion trend. After nearly 40 years, this process has been honed to an art.

Among the materials you will need for distressing jeans:

  • ·        marking pen or pencil (wear the jeans when deciding on the ripped placement)
  •         bleach
  • ·        a sharp knife or exacto knife
  • ·        tweezers
  • ·        sandpaper (tape it to the floor, put on the jeans, and slide around on the paper.) LOL, take a picture so we all can see your process.
  • ·        steel wool
  • ·        pumice stone

·        There are probably more ‘needs’ but that seems to be the basic recipe.

·        Give everything to one of the kids, excluding the knives, and let them show their talent at destruction.



It appears that the Ralph Lauren jeans are the 'bargain' in this outfit. At $2,700, I am not in love with the outfit, but I do love the coat.

When embroidering your item (not limited to jeans), open the seam that is a simple seam. The wrapped seam is difficult to replicate when you are done.

Use an adhesive stabilizer so that you have control over the threads that are remnants of the jeans.

I would choose the smallest tear so that it will be a better outcome. One of the biggest can be difficult.

As noted, here is a freebie that you can use once the jeans are appropriately 'cured.'  And, in keeping with the theme of 'mangled' designs, I present to you a raged design.

tattered The Avid Embroiderer .zip (454.9KB)

Does your mind wander? On TED, here is a very informative talk about how we all have wandering minds.
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