The Avid Embroiderer Presents - What's your Favorite Color? My Freebie emulates this lovely rug!

 like to watch other people working, I could do it all day, and often! This particularly is one of those that is interesting and entertaining. This man is a rug aficionado and lovingly cleans them beautifully. Here is one, before and after that made me want to go out and buy one just like it (post-cleaning, of course.)  

This video shows just how much 'sand/dirt' comes out of a runner rug. It is amazing! 

When watching these videos, I often use the "2X" Playback Speed and, fast forward as well. It cuts down on the time spent on YouTube. Did you know YT started out as a dating platform? They did switch gears!!

Getting back to embroidery, the rugs are certainly a beautiful way to plan your design. I do want my designs to be less complicated because a 45,000 stitch composition can take a very long time to complete. Many times I want to have something quick. I have a difficult time meeting the original model and my time limitations. 

For my Freebie, I looked for a blue (maybe periwinkle or baby blue) but could not find the exact color in the fabric I wanted. I would have preferred a napped fabric for a three-dimensional look, but I am OK with how my project turned out. 

You can actually place a 12" by 12" (or whatever size your pillow is) fabric in your hoop making sure that the fabric is set as centered. The design is centered and therefore, on a 12" square pillow, the design will automatically center. 

I made a couple of adjustments to my design. The first thread is a frame and a placement marker. 

Then I put down some lace I had leftover. Or, I could also have used a piece of white or any color of my choosing as the applique for color #2. 


Likewise, the satin border is around the applique, choose your own color. 

When you are using the plain applique, I did place octagon lines to make it interesting. The #4 color is the eight-sided lines revolving inside the design. If you are using lace, you may or may not wish to place those lines in the design, it is likely too busy when paired with lace. On the other hand, if you are using a plain piece of fabric in the applique, the lines will be a great addition. 

Lastly, color #5 is for the design for the finishing touch. 

I was not going to create a rug, duh, but I thought a pillow topper would be a great use for this project. I was also thinking about making perhaps 6 or more sets and sew them together afghan style.  It could be interesting on a large wall that needs a pop of color. 

(Green indicates tips for embroidering. These ideas would be fun with other designs as well.)

Thank you for joining me today. I am sure your day is as crazy as mine, and I DON'T HAVE KIDS AT HOME. . . 

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