Thread Weights Simplified

Ever wonder why there are so many different weights of thread? They each have their own particular uses.

With threads, the higher the weight number, the more fine the thread. Standard sewing thread is 50 wt.

For machine embroidery, we typically use a 40 wt. thread. Unless specified otherwise, most embroidery designs are digitized to be stitched with 40 wt. thread.

Heavier threads, like 30 wt. or 12 wt., can make fine line embroidery designs like redwork look more handmade.

Fine Line 60 wt. thread by Exquisite is ideal for embroidering fine text. The fine thread creates crisp details making it a wonderful choice for embroidering fonts measuring a quarter-inch or less. Otherwise, heavier threads, like a standard 40 wt., make fine details essentially disappear.

Bobbin thread is generally 60 wt. or 90 wt. and is typically available in white and black. You can also use numerous colors of Exquisite Fine line 60 wt. as a bobbin thread. That is particularly useful when stitching freestanding lace and also when you want the back of the embroidery to be pretty.

When the back of the embroidered item will be seen, as with towels, napkins, and linens, I like to match the bobbin thread to the top thread or, at the very least, to the color of the back of the item.

Debbie SewBlest

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I would love to be able to print off a fact sheet as a guide since I am not a daily sewer I need to refresh my mind often!   Thanks for all your good hints it really does help.  Betty

Thanks for reading, bettyme2! You can print off this blog and keep it for reference.

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