Fixing and Preventing the Dreaded Bird’s Nest

Most of us have already experienced the dreaded bird’s nest. If not, it will happen. See how to fix it and how to prevent it!

Bird’s nests often ruin a project. Hooped fabric becomes attached to the throat plate making it practically immoveable. As we struggle to dislodge the tangle, the frequent result is torn fabric or a project that pops out of the hoop.

Fixing Bird’s Nests

The Bird’s Nest Tool is one of those items that you never knew you needed until you need it. A thread hook snags the jumble of thread while the scalpel-type knife slips easily between the hoop and your machine, where scissors won’t reach.

Preventing Bird’s Nests

Most of the time, if you have a problem under your hoop, the issue lies above the throat plate. Ninety percent of the time thread nests happen because of the way your machine is threaded (or not threaded). If thread doesn't get properly seated in the take-up lever, a thread nest occurs.

Whether you are sewing or embroidering, Bonnie Welsh from recommends using two hands when you thread your machine. That way, you can feel the tension as thread goes through the guides and, most importantly, the take-up lever. With both hands on your thread, you can feel it slip into that take-up lever or you can actually hear it click in place.

Prevention is the best medicine, but if the inevitable occurs, having the proper tools can save a project!

Debbie SewBlest

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