Top 5 Embroidery Disasters and How to Fix Them! By Eileen Roche

All experienced and novice embroiderer’s have at one time, or another experienced an embroidery disaster!  Maybe even more than one!  Some of the disasters aren’t salvageable, but many are with the right solution.  So, let’s look at some top 5 embroidery disasters and how to fix them!

  1. Thread Shredding is the top one! Reasons for the thread shredding can be the wrong needle, either the size or type, thread or even the stitch length, especially when quilting.  Be sure to use the correct size and type – sharp for woven fabrics or ballpoint for knit, stretchy fabrics.  Another thing to check is the thread quality by changing out the one shredding with a different one.  The last thing to change is the stitch length, especially when using quilting designs.
  2.  Fabric caught (stitched) under the hoop. Unfortunately, this happens even when being careful!  What do we do?  Throw away the project?  The new DIME Stitch Ripper will allow you to shave the bobbin threads to easily remove the top threads and the caught fabric.  You may have to repeat the process to remove the threads.

  3. Stitching over target stickers/templates. Again, this happens!  If you are able trim the target sticker/template around the stitches, then start there.  If not, then you can use the DIME Stitch Ripper to remove the stitching so you can restitch.  Make sure the project is still hooped, it will be easier to restitch the design.
  4. Typos! Uh oh!  Is spelling a struggle?  New in Perfect Embroidery Pro and other DIME software on Microsoft operating system is spell check!  Use the space bar to check.  Also, use the DIME Stitch Ripper with the smaller blade to remove the wrong letters and then restitch.
  5. Fabric falling into the hoop. The solution to this disaster is to use the Snap Hoop Monster with a Hoop Guard.  If quilting, then also use the Weightless Quilter with the Snap Hoop Monster and Hoop Guard.

Disasters are no fun, so it’s good to have the solutions before we need them.  Which one of the solutions will you be using?  Watch Eileen Roche as she demonstrates how to fix the Top 5 Embroidery Disasters :

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