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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Applique for Dinner Napkins and a Freebie to use with pride.

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Applique for Dinner Napkins and a Freebie to use with pride.

I have been creating this blog since May 2005. It always amazes me that I find something that (IMHO) I feel is interesting and I set that idea up and create a blog around it. Since I normally do them every other week, that comes to around 390 blogs (well, I may have missed one or two along the way).  

I almost always have an idea that I would like to try 'someday.' I have had this one for probably 6 months but working out the details has been challenging. 

When setting out your 'holiday/special occasion/fine dining table,' the table cloth can be embroidered as you like. You may prefer just corners or a running design along the side edges. Regardless, the underside is not seen, so the 'raw' bobbin thread is hidden.

It is not so with napkins. My method will 'hide' that 'unrefined' look and make your napkins company ready every time. 

Here is the overall design. The initial sewing only includes the flower which is the first 3 colors on a fabric that might be contrasting or complementary to the napkin. 

Here is the fabric that will be attached to the napkin. 

I did remove this floral piece from the hoop because I wanted to make the napkin, along with my Badgemaster stabilizer (you will see why shortly) the base. Then I placed this piece over the napkin as shown and with straight pins. I did see Sew-Tite, the clever pin substitute? Check out Debbie SewBlest Blog for more information on how to use these game-changers!

I will do this method on a sweater as well. I have frequently had issues with sewing on knit fabric. Getting the 'stretch' just right can be interesting!! If I do something to wear, I am going to add crystals. You can get them right here at AnnTheGran by DalCrystals.  They are much less expensive than Swarovski Crystals and look just as good.  I think the Champagne, clear crystals or mix and match your favorite colors would brighten everyone's day.  

The removal of the Badgemaster stabilizer was done without water. Pressing the satin stitch with my fingernail, tearing off the stabilizer is not only clean but also a big time saver. 



This particular napkin is very lightweight, so the flower shows through making it an interesting back to the fabric. I used white bobbin thread, but in this case, it might be more surprising to have used matching bobbin threads. 

I also found this beautiful Christmas Tree design that you can use for the holidays. I always love things that are 'family and friends' oriented. I would likely change the colors but love this one anyway. At 90 cents, you just cannot beat it! (12/17/20 - The sale has ended, but at $2.99, it is still a terrific design.)


Thank you for joining me at this busy time of year. Even with everything going on, I hope you and yours will have a joyful holiday. Remember who you are protecting from the virus. 

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If you have taken the time to read this far, I have the following link that is a special treat for YOU!
This Freebie is in addition to the floral/applique above.

Pleases leave a comment saying (I got the 2nd Freebie) - you can do a control 'c' to copy and paste.

Thank you so much for your attention to my blog!!

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