They’ll Never Guess You Made It!

We are excited to have Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery share this content with you, which was originally posted on Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog:  

People will never believe you made these clutches on your embroidery machine.  They look like they were purchased in a high-end artsy boutique.  But they were stitched with our polyester matte embroidery thread – 40 wt. and 15 wt. That chunky 15 wt. makes all the stitching look like it was done by hand.  But nope, the secrets in the digitizing!  Just take a look.

There’s the Floral Spray


And the Geometrics.

And possibly my favorite (it’s so hard to choose), the Stacked Loops. 

Best of all, they’re on sale this week!  And they come with the thread, instructions and designs to make all three!

This collection is just in time for Easter, Mother’s Day’s and grad gifts.  They are fresh and new and stitch up in no time.  Start it at lunch and wear it to dinner! You can learn more here.

Which one’s your favorite?


Thanks For Reading.

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