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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Talking in simple language. And a fun turkey for Thanksgiving, 2020.

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Talking in simple language. And a fun turkey for Thanksgiving, 2020.

Years ago, I was a tech on the Computer Help Desk. It was interesting, fun, and challenging. One client in particular needed more hand-holding than most. She was a charming middle-aged computer learner, and she did try her best every day. One issue was that she was she could not get a handle on the correct name for whatever her issue actually was. When we (collectively) learn things like left and right mouse, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, it is a lot to remember. Functions are great once you learn them, but using them infrequently can make for a lot of difficulties.

Why am I telling you this story? Because once she called our Help Desk and said 'there is a blue box on my computer.' Well, I really wanted to see if a blue box had invaded her pc. . .  I trucked up to the 3rd floor and I forget what the issue was, but I explained/fixed whatever that issue was. Her lack of the vocabulary she needed likely made her even more discouraged.

Knowing what to call an issue for any process, job, task or craft can be daunting. During my research (I actually do check things I think might be of importance to my readers), I found a site with valuable information. The site, A&E, a textile and thread (among other things) site stuffed full of plain English language embroidery information.  

You will find info on such items as Bean StitchChenille, Embroidery Point, Flagging, Moss Stitch, Push and Pull Compensation, and so much more. You may remember a blog I did on 'Learning and Remembering what you Learned!' There is even a 'Freebie' at that link, just in time for Thanksgiving. 

And, lastly, this Freebie, also for Thanksgiving -  

Thank you to everyone. Have a safe holiday. Stay safe & remember who you are protecting, from the virus. 

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