The Avid Embroiderer Presents - A Resizing tip and a Freebie that knows the value of YOU

Some times we want to place wording in a small area and the dilemma is to keep the embroidery of letters clear and fit the project. Here is how I personally do just that. It is a little bit of extra work, but well worth it. (IMHO)

Today is a wonderful time to be grateful and happy

Today is a wonderful time to be grateful and happy...

Today is a wonderful time to be grateful and happy...

In the above example, the line is adjusted by changing the size of the word “wonderful.” The original line is entirely at 14 font size. In the second line, ONLY the word “wonderful” has been changed to 13 font size. It does give an extra 1 or 2mm which may make the project perfect. The third line has the word "grateful" adjusted as well.  Since you know which words were adjusted, you can see it; however, it is doubtful that others will see that adjustment. 

Of course, you may need to adjust the overall size of a rose, for instance. Selecting the entire rose, with or without the remainder of the design may work for your project. Experimenting is your best buddy. Additionally, this testing, when done as a ‘discovery sew’ *will make your operation all the better. 

‘discovery sew’ is defined (IMHO) as setting a mockup of your project using the same fabric, threads, stabilizer(s), and design to check for unexpected results. There is no perfect scenario for embroidery and, well, life. 

My "green wording" specifically deals with my embroidery tips/tricks. HTH!

Here is my Freebie for this Blog. As I always believe, change is inevitable and not always for the best OR the worse. Even the worse change eventually finds its way to being a blessing. 

I do want to make a brief comment on the situation we are all experiencing regarding the pandemic.

Trusting in science is the most logical and safe way to get a handle on any health situation. Without science, there would be no – medications, vaccines, surgeries, etc. Science holds up best when it is working, adjusting, and replacing outdated information and meds. Science is not perfect, but it is our best ally at this point. I hope you and yours are all safe and well.

Thank you for joining me, I look forward to doing many more blogs and hope there is something for your arsenal of embroidery working methods. 

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