The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Tips for the Experienced Embroiderer! And a Christmas Freebie with humor.

I'll bet you think that 'tips' are for 'newbies' and the like. I have been embroidering since just after 9/11/2001 - over 20 years. I had moved to San Diego in July 2001 and had not looked for work yet when the **** hit the fan/buildings. I felt that I needed something I could do part-time and still seek a 40-hour job. 
After all this time, I still get out my trusty Brother Manual to find a solution to an issue. I remember when I first got my machine, I thought the manual was going to teach me to embroider! (Stop giggling, I've done even dumber things!)

The information that is in green are specific disgussions for tips and tricks. I got my Manual out and checked out these two subjects: 


The terms in your manual may differ, but essentially, these road maps are a treasure trove of information. 

You possibly have not looked here for information on cleaning your machine or other troubleshooting. 

Use of the manual may have something that catches your eye. Remember, when you first got your machine, you were on information overload and anxious to start embroidering. Manuals were the last thing on your mind. 

Get acquainted with your machine all over again. There are possibly tricks and tips you have not used for lack of knowledge or forgotten that they are available. 

I don't know what games reindeers play, but you have this invitation to join the fun! The Freebie for this blog is just the right thing for hanging in a window, tree, or wall! 

I sincerely hope for your family to have your best holidays ever. Some of these events are memorable, and some, not so much. Being able to hold and hug your loved ones is the gift you give yourself. Stay healthy, stay strong, and stay happy. 

Did you see? These Thread Kits are on sale until 12/17/21. The spools amount to $4.00 each with free shipping! (The world is asking, how many shades of blue are there?)

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