The Avid Embroiderer Presents - 5 Point Star baste and satin stitch. Freebie is both of those.

 In my last blog, I was showing a small trick to change wording that is too large for your project.

My Freebie(s) for this time are for fine tuning the size and placement. I remember seeing a really bad job of placement several years ago. I can’t find the original .jpg, but I have created another just like it. This is NOT the original, just a mockup of what I originally saw and it was for sale.


So, most, if not all, professional embroiderers will create a template of the item and place it on the project to ensure good placement.

My Freebie(s) for this Blog can be used in two or more ways. Here are the ways I use them.

  • In my software, I ‘add’ or ‘merge’ my ‘frame’ so I can be sure that it lays the way I have planned.

  • I create a paper version so that I can place it on my project BEFORE I place it with the hoop. Occasionally, I need to ‘float’ my fabric such as velvet or other dimensional surface. Having perfect placement is very important.

Originally, the bow was 4" (100mm sq) by 4". The Frame is also 4" by 4". I made the adjustment on my software and added wording. 


For those of us who have "stainless steel" appliances in your home, I present to you a solution!!  Per a hack on the Net, I used baby oil 10 days ago. the darker areas is the baby oil. After 10 days, there are NO finger prints at all. You can see that I needed to wipe off the 'excess' but, IT WORKS. Use the baby oil sparingly and you will have less WORK! Additionally, I used it on my sink, it worked there as well; NO MORE WATER SPOTS. 


Thank you for your attention, I love chatting over the Net. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  

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