The Avid Embroiderer Presents - My Own Observations of a Zillion Fonts. My Freebie is a Back-to-School Design

A couple of tips from my own observations -
  1. When you live alone, and you can't find something, you have no one else to blame. . .
  2. When you find your treasure, put it back at the first place you looked for it. After all, that was an obvious location once, it should point you to it again.
Speaking of being unable/able to find things, I find that seeking the right font for a project is a daunting task. There are several considerations you may want to know.

  • Doing an appropriate font is insane. There are a zillion fonts from which to chose. You likely don't want to use "Comic" for a formal project. 
  • Working with fonts with options such as - bold, underscore, italics, super/subscript, etc. is mind-numbing. The outcome in embroidery for just those letters. Lines, angles, and stitch layout can be difficult for the most seasoned of us.
  • Consider that adjusting the size of your wording is problematic at best. Adjusting too much will have stitches disappearing. Changing the size more than once degrades the stitching at best.
  • Using 'created' fonts from TrueType* or the like are subject to how the programming 'sees' the letters.
  • Professionally digitized fonts (and monograms) are your best bet and the experienced eye for detail is the best practice for your work. IMHO, I think that most people cannot tell 'good' embroidery from really 'professional' embroidery. And, on that note, I feel it is up to us to put a stamp of approval and pride on our work. 
Puppies, school, and kids, what a triple joy. You could put it in your child's room, give it to a teacher, add their name and the dates and you have a perfect 'welcome back' gift, or even enjoy it yourself. 

After one and a half years of insanity, the opening of school is very welcome, I checked with my daughter!! 

Thank you all for your support of my blog. I hope you find something that would be very valuable for you. 

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