The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Cool Tips surface post Polar Vortex! And, a Freebie that will help in the cold (well a little).

On January 29, 2019, USA Today said “Yes, Chicago will be colder than Antarctica, Alaska and the North Pole on Wednesday”. My son, in Lake Forest, verified that it was indeed minus 24 degrees for two night. His car would not start. I hope you all were warm and comfy wherever you are.  (Unique Cold Weather Tips are at the end of this blog.)


Well, while it is not as cold here in Arizona, it still can be a bit on the chilly side. This year, winter in San Diego is a little warmer than the metropolitan Phoenix area. To keep warm, I decided to find some new sweatshirts.


That was easier said than done. Everything I found just did not work for me. But the best idea I saw  was the ones that look as if they are inside out. Enter light bulb just above my head. . .


My old shirts were not in great shape, but they were favorites of mine that I did not want to part with. They had been purchased at special locations and occasions and I did not want to lose the memories that were attached. Additionally, some of the fleece that is the hallmark of sweatshirts may be matted and that makes them scratchy.


I turned my shirts inside out but then the front had a background of stitching and stabilizer from the original design. You will immediately note that the stabilizer, still attached, is a cut away that will stand up to washing and wearing for years. In order to keep the original design, I decided, for my first attempt, to use denim for the inner cover up and cut away stabilizer.



fish out of water outline 4x4 5k 4 colors The Avid (105.6KB)

While my design is a 4x4" (100mm x 100mm) size, I made the denim a 10 x 10" (25cm x 25cm) because the original design is 7 x 8" (17.5cm x 20cm).  That 10 x 10 will allow for trimming or cutting a pattern. Once sewn, I did make 1" (25mm) cuts around the denim to facilitate the fabric raveling. You can make this with or without the edge around the fish.

When I was happy with the placement, I used my glue gun to attach the embellishment.


Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the denim sew out. But here it is on the sweatshirt after it was washed. Now you have the original sweatshirt along with the reversible side. I hope you like the freebie, but you may have just the favorite design in your personal stash. After completion, I saw that I should have used a more 'filled' design for greater 'pop.'

Cold weather tips –

Cellphones?? Extreme cold can also affect cellphones. (You may need it to call for help.) Most manufacturers recommend using cellphones in temperatures ranging from 32 to 95. The battery’s ability to power the device is compromised at extreme temperatures, it may shut down. Keeping the phone close to your body, say in a pants pocket, should keep it warm if you’re outside. And it should work fine once it’s back in normal temperatures.

Frost Bite Tips. The body’s first reaction to extreme cold is to restrict blood and oxygen flow from its extremities, in order to preserve major organs. Your fingers, toes, ears, nose and exposed skin are very susceptible to frost bite in as little as five minutes.

Rubber gloves, like those that medical professionals use can be very helpful. Remember how they sweat when wearing them for a task? Well, that is heat being trapped in those thin gloves. Cover that with two pair of winter glove and you have warmer hands and toes (they fit there as well). Fingers, toes and the face are most often affected by the harshest cold.


Layering of multiple items on your body is very efficient. Wearing two or three long sleeved shirts create a barrier that is very beneficial. Here in the Southwest, a lot of homes have double pane windows. That doubling of glass helps trap both heat and cold. Layer hands, layer head, layer chest and legs.

Thank you for joining me again. I enjoy writing this blog and hope you get some enjoyment from it as well. Pat

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