The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Kids Say the Darnedest Things and this Freebie may look very familiar!

Holidays are always great fun for everyone (except Mom). 

This holiday is hopefully going to be more 'normal' - whatever that is. But the stores are already having "Black Friday" sales and groceries for the 'day of over-eating' are fresh and welcoming with the flavors from many Thanksgivings in the past.

Frankly, I (living in Phoenix) made a turkey about 3 times every year. The neighbors used to stop and ask why they don't remember it being November already!

I did need a backup embroidery machine and purchased one that is  4x4 and 5x7 hoop capable. (At least this PE800 from Brother has this combination.)  Gone are the days that you get a 4x4 machine and to upgrade, you had to buy a new machine. Additionally, I ordered a set of hoops which included - 5x12 hoop! You use it the same way you use a multiple hooping design sewing. I have not tried it yet, but I will let you know how it works. The machine was about $500 and the extra hoops were around $40.  That is one incredible way to start embroidery as a craft without breaking the bank. Many of the 5x7 start around $800 and up!!

I have another little tip that I have never seen anywhere! As you know, mattresses are around 15" or more (38cm) and sheets often don't fit very well, at least mine don't. I now take my fitted bottom out of the washer and put it directly on my bed. Wet fabric is more stretchy than when it is dry. It is not so wet that it is a problem, it drys quickly!!

My Freebie may just give you or yours a little chuckle! Mom's have heard this one many times over the years!!

I did create this as a 5"x7" (125mmx175mm) and I hope you like it. 

My Freebie is another humorous look at "Life in This World!" I remember my grandmother and my mother-in-law working to create a holiday to remember. I miss them personally and all the love and effort they put into the holidays.

Download your freebie here : (319KB)

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This is a really cute design, the kid wanting pizza, but the download link isn't working. Can you fix this please? And thank you for all the free designs you have posted in the past! Connie

paulndianne 11/7/2021 11:23:11 AM

Page does not work.  Tried for 2 days w/ different URLs/log ins.  Sent email no response.

Please assist.


paulndianne 11/7/2021 6:27:32 PM

ann the gran.  i can get to this page.  it is the download of the

It's a kids world 5x7 18K 6 color The Avid Embroiderer.dst and 9 file(s).zip (273.1KB)
that does not work.


It has been repaired. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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