Which Embrilliance Program is Right for You?

Embrilliance is a cost-effective, easy-to-use product that is extremely useful, especially to beginners. There are several components of the program that stand alone, allowing you to build your editing software as you go. Take advantage of Ann’s 10% off sale on Embrilliance products. The hardest thing will be deciding which component(s) to buy.

Either way, the Embrilliance platform works on both PC and Mac computers and you can install it on as many machines as you like.

Embrilliance Essentials

Essentials provides just that, the typical functions that every embroiderer uses. You can add basic text, change colors, print out templates and color charts, save embroidery designs in different formats, combine designs, and create applique cut files for your ScanNCut and Silhouette cutters.

One of the best parts of Essentials, is that you can import all of your BX fonts and format them with embroidery designs.

Embrilliance Enthusiast

Enthusiast adds even more editing capabilities to your tool box. It runs without Essentials but the two work especially well together. The biggest advantage with Enthusiast is that you can edit stitches. You can manipulate them by group or individually.

Precise positioning allows precision embroidering. You can also add knockdown stitches, which is especially helpful when stitching on towels or blankets. If your hoop is too small for designs that you like, you can split them for multiple hoopings.

Embrilliance Thumbnailer

Thumbnailer is a wonderful tool. It shows you an icon of what your design looks like without having to open them in editing software. That saves so much time when you are looking for designs and helps with design organization, especially if you do not have a cataloging program.

Embrilliance Stitch Artist

Stitch Artist is for those who want to venture into digitizing embroidery designs. Use existing artwork, or sketch your own. Three levels allow for creating embroidery designs according to your skill set or needs. Level 1 is more for the hobbyist. Level 2 includes Level 1 and is geared for those wishing to take their creativity to another level. Level 3 contains levels 1 and 2 and is best for those who want to digitize for commercial purposes.

Embrilliance has a 90-day return policy and it is on sale. What do you have to lose?


Debbie SewBlest

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