The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Applique that isn't Applique. And your Freebie is a piece for your kitchen collection.

This method of creating 3D types of designs is simple to do. I like that right away!

Really simple designs are underappreciated for their options, and this is one that you will want to save for future reference. In addition to my Freebie, here are some designs you may want to purchase something like this: 

Go to   Machine Embroidery Designs & Patterns by Category |      to see techniques and subjects. You will find freebies in that link as well. You are going to see more ideas that you have time for. Or you can use any applique style, more simple is best, of a design you have available. Here is my Freebie for this blog - A canning jar design. 

To make this design, it is advantageous to start with a heavier type of fabric. Denim, faux leather, canvas, and broadcloth to mention a few. You can even place batting under the fabric for a little more 3D.

The second color is the placement line and the third color is the cutting line of the fabric. The satin stitching is to complete the fabric design. On the jar, you can omit the orange boxes but they are meant to include the 'contents' and 'date.' 

It will be an applique you can glue or stitch to anything you have in mind. For my jars, I would do several different fabrics to represent the food and then arrange them as we would on the pantry shelves.
(Green represents instructions.) 

Due to technical difficulties, if you were unable to get the design from the previous blog, check here

Now for the Freebie for THIS blog - 


In this design, I am showing a fabric or you can leave it bare. You can write the words "contents and date" or use contrasting/complimenting fabric and hand sew or glue to the "can." Cut each canister you make and place them in an interesting position on a towel, a framed fabric - some many ideas - so little time.

Thank you for joining me at this very busy time of year. My best wishes to you and yours!

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