The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Hoopless Embroidery doesn't mean it is 'nude.' And my Freebie for a backdrop for something unique.

"Hoopless" Embroidery, well, if I don't use a hoop, where do I put the fabric??

Perhaps a better name could have been 'floating your fabric.'  As you are likely aware, the needle and the machine stay in one position and the hoop is what actually moves. Hoops allow for your design in increments of .5mm and 1/50th of an inch. 25mm is approximately 1 inch, therefore .5mm is 1/50th of an inch. Details are part of any design, and tiny stitches make for wonderful and clear designs.

Hoopless actually means that you only hoop the stabilizer. You use an adhesive spray which can be temporary or permanent. Paper or plastic stabilizers are available as well. The 505 shown here is likely the best on the market.  

This method is adaptable for multiple situations (and remember, new types of fabric are being invented. Use your judgment and err on the side of caution:

  1. Little items. Embroidery on something small that gets lost in the hoop, like a child's item, you will just hoop the stabilizer, adhere the in your chosen method.
  2. Fabrics that are too dense to hoop the regular way including fleece, bath towels, fur, etc. 
  3. Materials that can be damaged when hooped corduroy, velvet, knits, paper, leather, especially leather! If the fabric leaves a line where it is folded, it is a candidate for this technique. 
  4. Fabric is slick or slippery. Stability for slippery items is significantly improved with adhesion. 

For my Freebie I selected a lacey item that I am going to use as a background for items that I might want to display. 

Here is my example:

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