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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It isn't ruined if you know this secret - (shh, don't tell anyone). And a Freebie that I just love

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It isn't ruined if you know this secret - (shh, don't tell anyone). And a Freebie that I just love

I have been doing several wedding gifts and my 'good' machine is acting up. It is omitting stitches inside of designs. Here is an example:

Fixing this, especially when I did not notice it before removing the hoop, is absolutely insane. BUT, I have a trick that works every time!!!

First of all, you need to use Badgemaster Water Soluble Stabilizer. Why?? Well, it can stand up to the difficult task ahead. And, this week, stabilizers are shipping FREE. (My favorite word, along with SALE.) 

If you use one of the other water-soluble stabilizers (WSS), please test it using at least 2 layers (not very cost-efficient) to start. You may need to use 3 and even 4 layers. However, if you are working with something that is expensive, heirloom, or otherwise irreplaceable, your use of Badgemaster is very cost-effective. See the spreadsheet below. The price for Badgemaster beats them all! I selected the two WSS totally at random. 

Using Badgemaster ALONE, stitch out your design, stopping before the missing stitches. This allows for placement and stitching accuracy. You will see when you are working through and to the fruition why, so just trust in this plan. 

Keep the Badgemaster hooped and place the project under the incomplete sew out. Match up the project to the Badgemaster and pin them carefully together. 

When pinned accurately, you should not see any differences between the two items. Place your needle where you want the correction to start and complete the design. 

This is the clean removal of the stabilizer. I was careful, but Badgemaster does not leave anything behind. 

It is time to admire your rescued project. 

Final outcome!! Badgemaster and pins are removed cleanly and the project is saved. 

You might even want to do a design and later place another design near to or very tight to the original design. This will give you an exact, after the fact, narrow or divided position precisely as you want. 

Here is my Freebie and I thought it was (IMHO) a real winner! It is 4" by 2" and with a 20% increase in the width, and using it in the reversed position, it could be a terrific addition to linens. This one is going to be a classic in your designs!

Thank you so much for joining me today and every day. I sincerely enjoy hearing and reading your comments. If you take that second to just say TY or a few more words, you have no idea how much it makes my day!!

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slickfilly100 9/26/2020 4:43:39 PM

Thank you for being so smart and for sharing the tips with us!!! Your freebie was an added bonus and just goes to show how generous, along with being so genius at embroidery fixes. Only certain people can think outside the box to make things work. Since you are one of those people, I so appreciate at your sharing of your genius with us!

Thank you for a fabulous tip!  This is an absolutely fantastic way to repair something that went wrong when stitching. I will remember this one.  Thank you also for your freebies.

I am able to download all the other freebies...This one just wont.  Any help?

I have reestablished the link for the Freebie (as of 9/28/20 11:10 AM, MST) (2:10 PM EST)

For some reason, it worked partially but began to fail. Please do try it again if you had been unable to download previously.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Great information.  link to freebie is not working :-(

the link for your freebie isn't working.  3:07 PM PST/6:07 EST.  Great tip!  I love it.

Love your name!! Thank you Slickfilly100. Getting a comment like yours does not make my day, it makes my year+.

My tricks are 99% from an error I may have made, or my machine made. As you know we are the 'mother of invention' these days.

FYI, if you go to this line, just below the Header,
September 25, 2020  Brown Eyed Lady  EMB 101 , The Avid Embroiderer , Design Tips & Tricks , Machine Tips  Comments (1)  
and select 'The Avid Embroiderer', it will bring up many more tips and each one has a freebie as well. Two Freebies that are quite popular are -
Https:// (Hope)
and (Christmas)

I have a very hard time selecting my favorite blog or Freebie. I am pleased with them all (well, OK most of them).
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Thank you coracards - Invention occurred - if I had this happen once, I had it 5 times. When I first tried this one, I thought it would not work. But, the trick is the Badgemaster -

There are multiple reasons Badgemaster is the right stabilizer for this issue AND so many of your embroidery projects.
1. IT DOES NOT DRY OUT if you keep it in a protected package. Cover it with a large plastic bag and seal reasonably well. I have had my roll for nearly 3 years and had a former one for 8 years without problems. But I did take care of it. (Both were the 50' rolls.)
2. You must be able to see through the stabilizer to set the design accurately. Many WSS (water soluble stabilizers) are not transparent. Therefore, you are taking a chance that your line up will be off. You already know what things look like if you are off even .5mm.
3. You must be able to get rid of the stabilizer, after all it is ABOVE YOUR PROJECT rather than below the fabric. And, Badgemaster WSS has the added benefit of use as a stabilizer that will keep your stitches above the nap of a fabric. In fact, I use it with or without the napped fabric. Your embroidery looks better when it is 'standing' off the fabric just a little.
4. For less than $8, you can give it a try, 2 yards at 30" wide will do around 20 to 25 projects. After use on that many pieces, you will be delighted with Badgemaster too. If not, let me know. When I see people reviewing Badgemaster negatively, I often find they did not keep it wrapped properly.
5. Badgemaster is heavy enough to stand up to multiple needle punctures, even where they are very close set. I have actually reused it multiple times. It is inexpensive enough to for every project if you like. Other stabilizers would require 2, 3 and even 4 layers. How cost effective is that??
6. If you want the actual Excel Report for the stabilizers costs, email me at and I will send you a working copy. I could not get the working spreadsheet in this blog.

Ooops, I just wrote another blog on top of the one above. Sorry about that!
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

The Freebie link has failed again. I am not sure what is going on, but I will be keeping an eye on it.

So sorry.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Freebie is still working - if you are having issues, let me know.
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Thank you for sharing this awesome technique!

Thank you for all your comments. I do tips and tricks in my Blogs. Most blogs discuss projects with little tips along the way. I do my Blogs with tips and tricks as the main subject. And I design and create Freebies for your use. I really love what I do, and I hope it shows.

BTW, the "Notify me when new comments are added" check box does not seem to be working. You can email me if you need anything.

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