When You Make A Gift, Add a Label!

As makers, we often gift lovingly stitched projects to friends and family. What we neglect to acknowledge is that these items may well become cherished heirlooms. As such, it is beneficial to future generations to know when the item was made and by whom. That is where a label becomes very important.

Embroidery Label Designs

There are many wonderful labels you can embroider right on the piece. Quilt labels can get quite detailed, often including the name of the quilt maker, pattern name, fabrics included, address where the quilt was created, and date of creation.

Handmade with Love

 At the very least, include the maker’s name and date. That way, the work of heart will be identified for future generations.

Made by Grandma

You don’t have to limit labels to quilts. Think wall hangings, pillows, table runners, even clothing. If you take the time to make it, mark it.

Handmade By

Use built-in fonts on your machine to add the details or add them to the design using a program like Embrilliance.

Quilt Labels

Tips for Choosing Fonts

Make sure that you use fonts that are easy to read. Some fancy fonts are hard to read, especially in small sizes.