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Adjustments When Embroidering BX Script Fonts

Adjustments When Embroidering BX Script Fonts

Script fonts are so beautiful but may need some adjustments right out of the box. If you are using BX fonts and a program like Embrilliance, the rest is easy!

Regular fonts are digitized as images. Letters are placed as individual machine embroidery designs, one at a time, moved by hand so that they are centered and spaced properly, grouped together, then placed where you want them in the design file. It is not difficult, but it is tedious.

BX fonts are a game changer. They are special keyboard fonts meaning that, once you select your font in a program like Embrilliance, you can type out text just as if you were texting or writing an email.

In the property screen, you can type in your text, and choose a font style. The spacing is automatically set and may need to make some minor adjustments, particularly with script-type fonts.

Each part of this script font has a connector that allows it to flow seamlessly to the next letter. You can adjust the width of all letters using the slider. Slide the bar slightly to the right until most of your letters are connected nicely to those beside them.