Vintage Clutch by Eileen Roche

Vintage Clutch Collection 1 Bundle features unique, bold stitched designs using heavy, chunky matte finish embroidery thread.  These clutches mimic the look of hand embroidery but are quickly and easily stitched on your embroidery machine and assembled with your sewing machine.  Included in the bundle are the specially digitized embroidery designs, 15 wt. and 40 wt. matte finish embroidery threads, package of topstitch embroidery needles and complete, step-by-step, photos and instructions for making three different looking clutches.


The three clutches showcase the hand embroidery look on one side of the clutch.  You may choose to stitch the design on both sides for extra pizzaz.  The Floral Spray Clutch has a single, beautifully digitized flower in the middle, accented with smaller vines and sprays using several color combinations.  The intricate Stacked Loops Clutch features the same design repeated in the center with simple chunky borders.  And last, the simple Geometrics Clutch gives a southwest look with diamond shapes and borders.

The embroidery designs are specially digitized to accommodate the Vintage Rope 15 wt. embroidery thread, as well as the Vintage Retro 40 wt. embroidery thread.  In the bundle is a package of 100/16 topstitch needles to use with the Vintage Rope 15 wt. threads.


Here are some tips for using Vintage Rope 15 wt. thread:

*Use the Schmetz 100/16 Topstitch needles included in the bundle

*Slow down your embroidery machine to at least half speed

*The threads are polyester matte finish, so they are strong threads

*Use a thread stand so thread evenly feeds into the machine

*Have fun!


What other projects are there for using the Vintage Rope 15 wt. embroidery thread?  Recently, we talked about and featured Eileen Roche’s Boho T-shirts and tips on how to have successful results.  You can read about it here.  You can also make your own vintage embroidery designs with DIME Vintage Embroidery Software and Vintage Embroidery Threads.


There are so many fun projects to make!  So, let’s get started!  Enjoy these simple and quick Vintage Clutch Collection 1 Bundle.

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