Holiday Stitching Gameplan

It is that time of the year when we need to have a Holiday Stitching Gameplan!  We will break down what is involved in planning and getting those projects finished for gift giving! And we will look at some project ideas that are quick and easy!  Also, consider using the Holiday Quartet Metallic Threads, which includes Kingstar Metallic red, green, gold and silver.

Let’s discuss the gameplan!  First, is project selection.  What are you going to make for the people in your life?  We want to make gifts for those who like and appreciate handmade gifts.  We will share some fun projects so even if you are giving a gift card or small box, then you can make the gift card holder or add a cute decoration to the small box.

Second, are the supplies.  Make sure you have all the supplies for the projects you are making.  If you need to order, be sure to order early and prepare for shipping times.  A good tip is to gather your supplies and fabrics all together in one place, like a project bag or plastic bag.

Third, is time!  Plan out the time needed to make the project.  Another great tip is to double your time that you think it will take.  There will be unexpected interruptions so by doubling the time, it will help to be more realistic in getting the project finished.  Many times, we don’t plan enough time and then we don’t get it finished.

Last, let’s Get It Done!  Let’s commit to sticking to it!  Creating a gameplan will help in finishing each project.

So, now, let’s look at a few quick projects.

Lace Charms by Eileen Roche can be used for several projects.  Stitch out the sweater design to add to an Ugly Sweater Invitation.

Lace Jewelry by Eileen Roche make great jewelry gifts.  Use the Kingstar Metallic thread in the top and bottom for a fabulous looking pair of earrings.  Add a matching necklace for the perfect trio gift.

 Making lace projects for the holidays are quick and easy.  Use DIME My Lace Maker Software to create your own projects or use the ones in the software.  And don’t forget to use the Kingstar Metallic thread in the top and bottom for some shimmer and shine.

Here are some other lace project ideas:

Table Scatter – small lace designs placed in the center of the table

Napkin Rings – add small lace designs onto a premade napkin ring or make your own small lace designs or lace napkin ring

Christmas Tree Cones – make your own and add decorations

Decorations – add lace designs, such as bows or charms, to gift packages or gift bags

Add a hanger to also be an ornament.

Ornaments – make your own unique ornaments with text commemorating the year

Gift Card Holders – use the premade one in My Lace Maker Software or create your own

Another project is to stitch out a saying and glue the fabric to a piece of wood for a wall plague.

Make a quilt block or pillow using different types of ornaments and hangers from Patch and Applique Maker Software.

This is just a sampling of the many projects you can create for your holiday gift giving.  Remember to create a Holiday Stitching Gameplan to get those gifts completed in time to wrap and give away.  For more inspiration, watch Eileen Roche  : Enjoy!

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