Embroidery on Rope

Check out one of the hottest trends in machine embroidery! I haven’t tried it yet, but this is on my to-do list. Rope baskets with machine embroidery is one of the biggest techniques of late.

The featured bowl image came from Pinterest from an Etsy shop owner Vicki Wimsett, of SewingDoe. If you search on Pinterest, there are plenty tutorials and an abundance of ideas on how to make rope bowls.

They are very easy to make using cotton clothesline rope and a zig zag stitch. You can make anything from a hotpad or trivet to placemats, rugs, and lovely bowls.

Here is a synopsis of what I have read

  • Use .25 inch cotton clothesline.
  • Medium tearaway stabilizer on the bottom with a water-soluble topper.
  • Size 90 needle.
  • Embroider the bottom of the bowl before stitching up the sides.
  • Low stitch-count designs.

The embroidery part is surprisingly simple but makes a tremendous impact statement and a wonderful Christmas gift! Light stitch count designs are recommended.

Here are some 60% off designs that would work great for rope mats and bowls:

Give Thanks

Count Your Blessings

Friends Gather Here

Floral Fan

Autumn Wreath