Go BX or Go Home!

Adding text to machine embroidery is inevitable. But it is such a pain unless you have the right software. Ever wish you could just type in text instead of placing each letter separately? You can.

BX fonts are a game changer. They are special keyboard fonts meaning that, once you select your font, you can type out text just as if you were texting or writing an email.

Embrilliance was made for BX fonts. It is so easy to install fonts and create text.

If I wanted to stitch SewBlest, I would just select the font I wanted and type. I could easily adjust space between the letters if desired with the touch of one button.

Regular fonts, on the other hand, are digitized as images. They need to be placed as individual machine embroidery designs, one at a time, moved by hand so that they are centered and spaced properly, grouped together, then placed where you want them in the design file. It is not difficult, but it is tedious. If you are creating a monogram, that is not so bad. If you are stitching more than one word, it can be a nightmare.

To stitch SewBlest, I would need to choose my font and open the S file twice, the E file twice, a W, a B, an L and a T. Then move them in order, arrange, group, and place.

Be sure to take advantage of Ann’s BX fonts sale. You get Ann’s Club pricing until September 24. That is 20 percent off the original price. Plus, there are more than 1,600 BX fonts from which to choose!

Debbie SewBlest


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Excellent instructions! You should be teaching - - - and you are teaching us!
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Thanks, Pat. I'm learning too!

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