The Avid Embroiderer Presents - My Favorite/Best (IMHO) blogs. My Freebie is a design created to add to your favorite designs.

When I was a member of the 8:00 to 5:00 crowd, I aggressively sought out training. I even checked into classes of things I already knew because I always learned something new. IMHO, learning and reviewing are important to knowledge.

I am listing three of my blogs that you may find to be interesting/tutorial/recall information. I do return to my personal blogs to re-read some material (you would think I would remember what I wrote??). Likewise, you may need new tips and tricks to learn or refresh your projects.

My first blog on Badgemaster was a piece that I have re-written multiple times but only to add information. I have never wavered from considering it to be a superior water soluble stabilizer (wss). Again and again, I see (very respected and talented) embroidery stars saying "use two layers of wss." That simple comment is overwhelmingly frustrating for me. That is a waste of money and possibly damaging to your plumbing system. Get a Badgemaster sample here and let me know your opinion.

SewBlest also has a blog on the benefits of Badgemaster, you can check it out as well if you have the time, it is actually a quick read, perhaps 2 - 3 minutes.

For my second favorite blog, gives another way to use Badgemaster. A great mishap that we all know well is my "Ooops" article. For a boat load of reasons, your design finds its way out of the hoop and you need to do more embroidery. It ties in with Badgemaster because that stabilizer makes the whole repair work.

Having a design 'slip out of alignment used to mean a destroyed project. The Ooops blog puts an end to that issue.

My third (these are in no particular order) great blog is Stabilizers in general. It covers information such as, weight, type, puckering and registration. There are a total of 10 'variables' that affect stabilization. Obviously, there are many more instances of stabilization issues, but this blog does give a run down of decision criteria.

There are two different grass designs are included in the Freebie. The objective of the design is to include it within a favorite design(s). One has the entire grass as a single color. The second design allows the sew out to change the color or eliminate the shorter grass.

The grass is the actual Freebie. The puppy is for sale, and can be found here at AnnTheGrans' Site.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you find something to make your embroidery exceptional. I know each of you take great pride in your projects.

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