Keeping It Simple - Themed Baby Burpies

May, June and July seem to be big months this year for babies.  Our daughter and most of her friends all have babies due within weeks of each other.  One friend is having her first though and the rest are really excited for her.  They are throwing a big "couples" shower for her this weekend.  Andrea and Brook have spent hours and hours working on this event so I hope the wind dies down and the weather is nice on Saturday.

Andrea always makes something herself as part of the gift to her friends.   So she bought several nursery items in the zoo theme that Amy picked.   Then she decided to dress up some burp pads to match.  Amy is having the only boy of the bunch and since I am always getting requests for boy projects I had to post this one even if it is so simple you might laugh.

Here are Andrea's Themed Baby Burpies


What you need for each one:

  • One pre-fold cloth diaper
  • On strip of fabric
  • Cut away stabilizer
  • Design in the nursery theme
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing thread

What you do:

1.  Cut the strip 1" longer than the length of the diaper.

2.  Measure the width of the center padded area of the diaper and cut the strip width 1"wider.

3.  Position a printed template of your design on the strip and pin in place.  (Many software programs such as Catalog Xpress and Alphabet Xpress will let you do this.)

4.  Hoop the stabilizer and center the design template in the hoop.  Use a little temporary spray adhesive and a couple of pins if necessary to secure the strip in the hoop.   (You can use Magna hoop too if you have one.)

5. Slip the hoop in place and make sure your design is positioned as you like.  Remove the printed template.  Embroider the design.  Remove from the hoop and cut most of the stabilizer away.

6. Fold the ends under 1/2" and press.  Fold the sides under 1/2 " and press.  Pin the strip in place over the center padded area of the diaper.  Sew all the way around about 1/8" - 1/4" from edge.

That's it.  Burp pads that match the theme of the nursery but are unique as well.  And even the beginner can make these.  It could really be fun to match them to these Embroidered Infant Ts.

I have another cute burp pad project coming later but our baby will be another girl and lady bugs and flowers are the theme of the day.   If you do anything exciting and fun be sure to post it in the gallery.  I love new ideas and there are lots of babies on the way in our neck of the woods.

Take care,


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What a cute idea - I'm so glad you posted this!  Thank you!!  Since I'm new to embroidery, this is a simple and yet so useful project.  Unfortunately, we do not have any new babies coming in our family-and-friends circle, so I'm going to make some for the new mothers in a local homeless shelter.  Shirley

Neat idea, these burp cloths.  Thank you.

thecomputerist 5/23/2010 4:30:47 PM

Those animals are too adorable!


teri09jordan 5/24/2010 11:26:17 PM

I have downloaded pes designs but they will not work on my ultimate box,  I don't know why.  

All our PES Designs under "Download Designs" link are zipped so you need to unzip them first before use.Also sometimes the version of PES is important it means your machine can not read newer version of PES files .

Where can I get the embroidery designs that also have a color chart for them?  Your ideas are really cute.

Thanks for the great designs & ideas!  I have searched &  searched for the cute giraffe on atg, but can't find it.  The link just takes me to the search page & gives the message that ATG34378 can't be found. Any ideas?  Thanks!

abohmer - designs are cycled through and retired at a certain time. This seems to be the case for this one.  It is really cute!!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I believe the site has been redesigned since this blog was written.  Here is the current link to the giraffe.


Thank you Diane!! We miss and loved your work!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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