The Best Scarf You Cannot Buy

I have always been a fan of scarves.  They are feminine, fluid and so graceful.  They brighten up a dull outfit, ward off the cold and can signify that you are a member of a group.  What else in the universe is so - - universal?

I personally have a very short neck and a large scarf is an overpowering element for me.  As time marched on, I have some features on my neck that were not there just a short time ago.  I am interested in concealing those lines (OK, I said it - lines, wrinkles, turkey neck).

If you were at the Community Circle in 2009, you met Rita Faro - - Well, you did not exactly meet her, you more got exposed to the whirlwind that is known as Rita Faro!  She does have a blog. Stop by and tell her I sent you! 

She has this scarf in her book "Life is Not A Dress Size." which is only available in the secondary market.

Here is the scarf.  I took it from Rita's book, and we discussed its ‘ownership' and could not determine who it belongs to, so you are getting the instructions free.

Simple Scarf

The basic measurements are 21" by 13" by 4" by a curve.  This requires a 5/8 of a yard of 45" material, so you may have a scrap piece that is just right for this project.  As noted in the pattern area, that curve can be done as you please.  There is no wrong way to do it.  I was thinking that I could do it as a straight line if I wanted it that way. 

If you are taller, you might want to increase the 21" length.  If you want the shoulders wider, increase the 13" side.


You could use just one piece.  In that case, you would have to use a fabric without a ‘right and wrong' side.  You would finish it with a rolled hem on the edge. 

I have a beautiful pattern on a (too bulky) scarf and I am going to use it to make a converted scarf for myself. 

For this demo, I choose the 2 piece design, and added embroidery near the bottom of the curve on all the tail ends.  The fabric I used is cotton, but I could have used any light weight material.  It would even be interesting for a 'fur' type of material around the holidays.  Hmm. . .

The rose is absolutely fantastic. It has 3 greens and 4 reds making the shading and detail very well presented.  It is being given to all my readership!!!  Rosebud  You can use this design as an accent to so many things!  Thank You Ann!

The rose would be elegant on anyone of the AllAboutBlanks items.  Check that blog for information and ideas: 

The high quality of Susan Mars' products will be a big hit with a graduate, a bride or someone who wants to feel special!   

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coasterstep 5/15/2010 7:05:14 AM

très joli

Une brodeuse française


Thank you for this scarf pattern, I can think of a hundred ways to use this (well 20 for sure!) and the rose is delightful!


free2sewbuttons 5/15/2010 11:57:34 AM

Thank you for your generosity!  I have at least 30 people i could make this for...



Tucson, Az.

This pattern is quick and really easy.  I am going to do one from a small piece of lace that I had left over.  All I need is the time. . . .

Since it only takes 5/8 of a yard, many of us have that in our remnants.  

Thanks for your input, the scarf is really a great item and I am glad you like it.


Thank you for the pattern and rosebud.It is coming on winter here in Aust. and I will use this.

Kind Regards---Marie

Fordml - I hope you can try something with a warmer fabric so we can see it done that way.

As I noted, I plan to try something with fur come the winter months here in southern California.

Thanks!  Pat

Thank you for the pattern, looks very nice.  I like the rosebud on the tips, gives it a delicate touch.

jennineavril 5/15/2010 8:36:08 PM

Many thanks, will certainly make heaps for pressies

Jennine in Brisbane

very nice

A really lovely gift idea, love it.


Nth, Queensland, 5/22/2010 12:47:12 PM

Watch out for Ann the gran description of their products and non-return policy. I recently ordered the   habdprinted handbag KIT and what was sent was 4 complete handbags I feel that this item was misrepresented. To all sewers, a kit means a pattern with fabric -not ready-made. I told my teen family members that when they got out of school, we would make these purses together. I wanted to return this item and they refused. I want to be taken off of their mailing list. I will also tell my quilting and sewing groups as well.   I am disappointed at their lack of professionalism and we will not be supporting them. any more, Buyer beware!

ilovsci - Sounds like you had a misunderstanding with AnnTheGran.

I sell items here as well as at an Etsy site, and I had a problem with one of my items recently too.  The client complained, and frankly, I looked at my 'copy' and found that I had accidently left out some important information.

Ann is normally more flexible, and this one says that all sales are final.

I hope you feel better soon and remember that we are all subject to errors or misreadings.


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