What is EFP Font Software? It is FREE!

Who doesn't like free software? Have you ever wanted to easily add text to your embroidery designs? Embroidery Fonts Plus (EFP) is a font manipulation program that takes "keyboard" fonts and, once uploaded, allows you to arrange them just like typing text. Otherwise, each letter needs imported, placed, and positioned when adding other font lettering to embroidery designs.

I learned something new (yes, you are never too old!). When I posted the link to the Tinker Toy font to make the Cookies for Santa mat, it showed a download for EFP. Turns out, they are much like the infamous BX fonts and the software to use them is free.

For a free program, it is surprisingly robust. You can:
  • Add text
  • Adjust spacing
  • Change density
  • Convert to other embroidery formats
  • Change colors
  • Merge with designs

Download EFP software from the Tinker Toy font link here and download the EFP manual here.

Be sure to grab EFP fonts now, while they are half off! This guide will help you download and install them.

Debbie SewBlest
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