The DIME Santa Mat: Making Cookies for Santa

Did you love the Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine Cookies for Santa Mat project that I shared? The cookie part is super easy and so much fun. Youngsters will also enjoy decorating them, especially with these designs, which includes a free download!

Cookies are made using a freestanding applique technique. It is really easy to accomplish when you embroider on felt and use applique designs with satin stitch edges. Stitch-n-Heat heat removable film by Allstitch is my favorite go-to for freestanding applique.

Diane Brown has a fabulous in-the-hoop project with free embroidery files here.

Decorate the cookies by using:
  • Heat-fix crystals (you can also glue these on)
  • Paint: Glitter, shiny glaze, 3-D paint
  • Beads

No mess AND no calories!

Debbie SewBlest

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