Fabric Frames: New and Improved!

     Four of my previous blog projects include a back fabric that wraps around to form a
mitered frame on the front:

     This construction may seem more complicated than adding a separate binding, but it
actually requires less fabric.  The two layers of binding that would have covered the
back of the project are not needed.  It is easy enough to tuck the project into the finished
frame, but I found a new way that comes out even better.  I create the frame and then
sew it to the project, right sides together.  I leave an opening on one side for turning
the project right side out.  I can then slip stitch the opening or top stitch the entire frame.

     I first tried this method with a basket weave rota game.  The frame is 1/2" wide.  For
this game, I also used Kraft-tex instead of felt for the markers.  I still had to clean out
the bobbin area after using my cutwork needles, but the markers themselves are very crisp
and durable.

     Next, I framed a medallion swirl with a 5/8" frame.  I added a ribbon for hanging the
picture, but I could also have added a sleeve on the back as explained in my Fancy Name

     Finally, I made a pot holder with a star swirl.  I added a layer of -insulated batting- behind
the embroidered fabric to protect my hands.  For this project I used a 3/4" frame and added a
fabric loop at one corner.

    The instructions at the end of this blog include templates for all three frame widths.  If you
are interested in learning to make templates for other sizes of frames, please let me know.  I'll
create instructions for a future blog.  The instructions also show how to add the ribbon and
fabric loops.  Please refer to the original Fancy Name Plaques instructions for adding the rod
sleeve and for illustrations of embroidering and trimming the fabric.

original instructions:

new and improved instructions:

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