The Avid Embroiderer Presents - The Bean Stitch (Does not have a Stalk) and Halloween Design

I really love the Bean Stitch, it is mostly ignored in favor of using a Satin Stitch. Well, it is time to mix it up and start using both in designs.

The issue I have found is that it is difficult to find designs with the Bean because it is 'just another stitch.' It is not a design element except for the fact that it really 'pops' the stitches.

I have attached a sample from Great Notions of their bean font. 

I hope you enjoy working with this stitch, I have placed it on the freebie pumpkin. It is a subtle difference, but you just may find that you like its look.

(Gleaned from

Did you know that the static on your television is caused by radiation left over from the Big Bang?

Enjoyed having you join me today! Thank you for stopping by.

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