Puzzles and Catalog Xpress Tip #1, Notes

I recently read somewhere that in order to keep our brain fresh and vibrant, it is important to exercise it the same way that we exercise our body.  That exercise includes doing the embroidery we all love, but it can also include games, puzzles, as well as the everyday issues we face.  Today’s blog includes all three!

First the fun stuff.  You may already be doing the newspaper syndicated puzzle called “Jumble.”  Jumble is where there are 4 words with letters mixed up, and with selected letters the fifth word makes a ‘humorous’ statement based on a cartoon. 

That same Jumble is available on line.  The added benefits are that you can get hints, and in the end, you have an idea how fast or slow you completed the puzzle. 

There are at:  https://jumble.com/games/info/13  There are a few ads, but the games are quick and usually easy.  Most of them won’t take you more than 2 or 3 minutes.  I find that when I am overwhelmed by the issue of the day (or hour), 2 or 3 minutes of distraction can be really helpful.

You can even do puzzles from the past.  That link is in the lower left corner.

There are multiple other games to play.  I have been doing the daily puzzle and Jumble Solitaire for a long time.  I tried the Jumble Crossword, and it was fun too.

I am in the process of rearranging my designs.  Catalog Xpress helps me control my designs.  As The Avid Embroiderer, I have mentioned that I buy my designs partly for the artistry and beauty of a design.  Therefore, my collection means more to me than just a group of designs.  Like a coin or stamp collector, I need a method to keep them organized. 

On to the best features of Catalog Xpress that you have not yet used!  This is going to be a series, because there are so many of them, I cannot cover them in one or two blogs.  Here are just a few, and if there is something you want to know about Catalog Xpress,  please feel free to let me know via a response on this blog.  I want to help you get the “Best and Highest Use” from your Catalog Express Software.

  • Notes
  • Icons
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Print Catalog
  • Backup
  • Resize


The first tip is to utilize the Notes feature.

Notes may be the single most under used feature in Catalog Xpress. 

The example is a monogram and I always make my notes in the “A” character.  That practice helps me remember the individuality (see how polite I am today?) of each monogram.

On other designs, such as animals, I might put things like coloration issues or for whom I created that project/design.  There is much to say about designs, and remembering each is not needed.

One reason I need to be more organized and utilize the notes is that I do sell my embroidery.  If you are considering doing the same, check out my "PC Tips and Tricks" that has many general computer tips to make your work more efficient.   You may also be interested in my "How Much to Charge" information.  It shows you how to determine how to make your embroidery pay you correctly.

Thank you for reading my blog! 


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