The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Patch it up with your favorite designs and a freebie for Mother's Day

I consider my stash of designs collection in the same loving manner as a coin, stamp or even vintage car collectors. Nearly all of them are special to me in one way or another. If I find a design that does not appeal to me, I discard it. I have too many great designs to bother with some that don't work for me.

Tip: When you get a new design, rename it for future reference. These are some of my criteria:
  •  Style - Floral, Baby, Outline, Western, Sports, Abstract, Humor, etc.
  • Substyle - realistic, cartoonish, men, boys, rose, any specific unique details, etc.
  • The number of stitches in the design - 14k or 7k is enough info so that I know approximately how long it will take to sew. Sometimes I just want something quick for a last minute gift and sometimes I want something detailed and intricate for a special occasion.
  • The number of colors in the design - I chose the number of colors but you may wish to check the number of thread changes.
  • I leave the information that is already with the design from the creator.
So, the Freebie for this Blog would be named:  "Humor mom dad cartoon 4x4 7k 3color The Avid Embroiderer". Searches are more simple and accurate.

In this creation, I am going to pull my favorite floral designs. I plan to mix bunches of flowers with single ones. I have decided on about 10 different 'looks' (some are more refined than others, but that is not an issue.) You can also use a pack of designs like "Hanging At The Beach." And, it is on sale right now. Eleven designs for $21.89 and $18.61 for Ann's Club Members. That comes to less than $1.70 per design and they are coordinated very well.

These designs are all less than 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm). Remember that is not advisable to expand or contract a design more than 20%. Depending on your layout, you may have to adjust some designs and/or combine designs, or use a beach design from your personal stash. In this case, the Beach Accessories might be flexible enough to do a single item to fill an open space, if needed.

Here is my layout. It is not as easy as it might seem to be. In this case, I selected a 16" square to create a pillow. You can make this project into a pillow, wall hanging or even a table adornment.  Use only whole numbers, 8"x10" or 12" x12" for easier computation.

I particularly wanted this to have at least one angle to make it more interesting. The square designs are great, but I wanted interest.

  • Make your template to scale, have a couple of copies.
  • Select about 12+ designs. For various reasons, some designs won't fit just right.
  • Chose the small, medium and large designs. The basis for this configuration is that there is no tic-tac-toe style, variations are the interesting part.
  • Print out your designs to scale.
  • Place those trimmed printouts on your template or work with them in a 'paint' program. If using the computer, you need to keep track of the exact size you want your design.
  • The design does not need to fill the entire boundaries.
  • Use an interesting fabric such as velvet, burlap or simple brocade. I purposely used a single piece of fabric, I did not want a 'crazy quilt' style. This is a little more refined.
  • Cut your fabric for sewing using your template area as a starting point. If you are doing a 4"x4", you will want to use at least a 2" addition to EACH side of each piece of fabric (8"x8").
  • For the next 'square,' turn your fabric about 45 degrees so that it adds to the unique look of the project. Velvet in different directions gives a very nice look.
  • Sew each 'square' with the normal colors OR, do one square in white, another in green, another in purple, etc. I have too much blue in my mockup. But I personally would do each design in a single color. The stitch direction will create the pattern.
  • Select a Grosgrain ribbon in a complementary color. Chose this color after the embroidery is done to determine a contrasting or complementary color. Get the ribbon in 2" minimum.

  • For the base of this design, use a piece of cotton or muslin again with 2" extra on each side. Mine would be 20"x20".
  • Trim the fabric with the design so that it fits its "position" with about 3/8" (10mm) wider than the square it will be placed upon.
  • When all are in place, make any adjustments needed. The fabric will overlap a little on each edge.
  • Spray the back of your fabric with 505-spray-temporary-spray-adhesive.

  • Lay out your Grosgrain ribbon to match your dividing lines, tucking over/under at points that don't end at the edge of your project.
  • Sew both edges of the ribbon to cover the seams.
  • Complete the project as desired, pillow or your selection of end product.

I apologize for not being able to complete the design and give you photos. I am still living with a relative and feel homeless. I am seeking a new place to live in the Peoria, Arizona (NW of Phoenix) and hope to be settled soon.

Here's the latest Freebie. There is no need to explain this design to Moms, but you might need to spell it out to Dear Hubby! I even did this one in two sizes.

I am still remembering my kids doing this stunt. And, we had lived in our home for approximately 7 years when my husband asked me - (with a straight face) "Where do we keep the bread?" That is a true story.

Happy Mother's Day to all. For those of us who only have memories, share some of those with our families, it is good for all.

dad where is mom 4x4 7k 3 color The Avid Embroiderer .zip (135.4KB)

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Thank you,  Love that design, it's so funny and so true. Happy Mothers Day!

Hello Ann,
I have noticed over the past few weeks that I can no longer see images in either of the Ann the Gran or Avid Embroiderer posts.  I did write to the Avid Embroiderer one day and was advised the images were there and could be viewed when using Google Chrome or other browsers.  I use Internet Explorer and do not wish to use the other browsers.  Up until now for many years I have followed these posts without any problems.  Is there an explanation as to why this is now happening so I may follow up further, please?

Bevnorris - I recall this happening to me some time ago. I don't remember what fixed it.

Perhaps a techie in my readership can assist??

I will think about it and perhaps recall a solution. In the meantime, when you close your browser, make sure to close ATG as well. Don't use a previously used or automatic link for this site.

Check for any updates and/or redownload the IE program. Software can get corrupted along the way. IE would likely get rid of all your saved items, so you may need a list of them to use in the future. (That is one way to get rid of old URLs and those you don't use anymore.)

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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