The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Snow is (again) on the way, and a Freebie that all moms have heard

I think that snow is just about a few days away, except here in Surprise Arizona (just NW of Phoenix). But getting in the mood for the white stuff is very timely now, albeit, too soon for some of us.

I was thinking that you may have a design in your stash or wish list that would be even better with a few snowflakes drifting on the canvas. What I have done is give you three (3) different digitized snowflakes of various sizes for your use. Each design is a different pattern and you can use all three on a single design; use just two, mix and match, on your design; or just use one.

My Freebie has all three and they are separated by each group using a single color. While I used bright colors to show them, you can use colors of your own choice. Personally, I was thinking one group of snow could be a silver metallic, one in a soft blue and one in white. Even on the Freebie, you can stop before the last three colors and have no snow at all.

I have not heard from anyone about the construction of my designs. I welcome constructive criticism and ideas. Or, perhaps I should discontinue the Freebies altogether. After all, Ann's Freebies are quite numerous. Let me know your preference.

Little Snow Child - no snow - it is just cold

Little Snow Child - 1 set of snow - no sledding yet

Little Snow Child - 2 sets of snow - schools is cancelled

Little Snow Child - 3 sets of snow - that's a blizzard!

All three sets of snowflakes on the child.

Each set of snowflakes.

Many of us are purchasing a lot more on line these days. I hope you shop right here at AnnTheGran. My observation is that many items are sized by not only "English (Inches, feet, etc.)" but also "Metric (Millimeters, Centimeters, etc.)"
I  was always having to figure out the equation. I finally checker the Internet to get some easy to understand these numbers. I am attaching my information for my readers. HTH in your everyday life. It's in different formats for your use.

Unfortunately, once again there has been a mass shooting in America. If you don't have this design at no charge, it is a little something to remind us all that "Non-violence is the weapon of the strong." Mahatma Gandhi. Truer nor simpler words have ever been spoken.

For those who have suffered beyond what any one can endure, I do have this Freebie as well. Your blessings are numerous, share your smile with someone who needs it.

Thank you for stopping by in spite of your very busy life. I appreciate your company. I always think of my blog the same as I would having a discussion over a cup of coffee on the porch with you. Therefore, please do comment/critique/suggest things. This is a dialog.

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