Holiday Stitching Gameplan

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Stitching Flawless Multiples By Eileen Roche

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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Can you keep a secret? A Freebie just for fun.

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Can you keep a secret? A Freebie just for fun.

I have been noticing that multiple digitizers are noting that some of their designs do not have "jump" stitches.This is a very good thing, no more extra cutting, wasted thread and completion time is definitely reduced. And, there is no place to snag the design either.

Well, I have a little secret that you may already have observed. Small items like letters and very small embellishments do have a jump that are perhaps 1 to 3mm. The 3mm conversion is 3 mm = 0.11811" (which is between 1/16" and 1/8").  That does not seem like a lot of area, but there is one important thing to keep in mind. If there are many of these jumpettes (just made that up) close together, you can have issues that are hard to see.

A jump can instigate a small pucker.

I personally do lettering at about 9mm and when I cut those small jumps, I can actually feel the fabric moving/relaxing.  For you to check out what I am say, here is a sample to try. On thin fabric, as you cut the front jumps, and with your fingers on the back of the cutting spot, you will feel the relaxation of the fabric.

Cut areas such as between "Tom cut apostrophe cut s" especially are areas that can be problematic. Sometimes you need to clip between lettering as well. Additionally, clip between the embellishments to get the feel of that very slight movement.  You may not do a lot of lettering but you will eventually be doing a detailed design which you will cut the tiny jumps and that is where you need this tip!

This Blog's Freebie is a little elf (Not exactly Will Ferrell) with a message for everyone.

Thanks for being a reader here at AnnTheGran. I do enjoy doing these little sessions.
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