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It is summertime here in southern California.  That actually means that the days are balmy to hot and the nights are balmy to cold. My friend rents his beach side condo and he laughs about the people from Arizona. They come here to cool off, and then in the evenings, they need a blazing fire in the fireplace! Surprise

Actually, anywhere you go in southern California, the sales of sweatshirts are always brisk just about sunset.

With Independence Day just around the corner, I wanted to make a set of coasters. I have some holiday designs, and Annthegran created a frame that is available to my readers! 

I will be using some different fabrics to see how I can make my own coasters. 

I am using some felt, chambray and batting pieces along with clear, light weight vinyl. I also need my applique scissors, my mother and her mother used Gingher, and I do too.

I hooped my medium weight tearaway, a piece of batting and topped it off with a piece of red felt. (If you did not see the calculations on stabilizer pricing, check my other blog "The Computerist" out.)

My sewn design was just delightful; it is a bit of summer in red, white and blue.


Sew the first line in the coaster design.  Do not remove the project from the hoop. Cut the edge with the scissors, as closely as possible.  Don't cut the stitching.


Add the back fabric, I chose more felt for my first coaster, and add the clear vinyl.  That vinyl is available at any fabric store.  I floated a piece of tearaway stabilizer because the vinyl was 'sticking' to the machine.  I did add a small amount of spray adhesive, but just in the corners.  I find that works best for spray adhesives. 

Sew the second line and trim the back of the hoop fabric, again closely without cutting the stitching. 

Use matching top and bobbin thread and sew the final coaster satin stitching.

Tear away the stabilizer, trim if necessary.

I did a second design, this time I used white fabric on top and a chambray fabric on the back. I still used the vinyl on the back.

What do you think of the results? I think I am going to do the white and chambray as a whole set for the holiday.




Here is the back photo.


This would be great with a monogram inside the coaster as well!!!

Thank you for reading my blog.  You all inspire me with your comments!

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cjsebastian 6/26/2010 9:14:55 AM

Just cute for the holiday - and a quick and easy project to take the hostess for the 4th of July party too.  Kudos!

Will the vinyl backing cause mold to grow from the moisture of the glasses?

Thanks Pat,

That was a great blog.  I have a tractor design that I've wanted to use on a coaster for a friend who is sick.  You've done all the thinking/planning for my project.  You're a keeper.

Oh, hey, can you post the link for the frames on ATG.  After a quick search, I came up with "0".

Stitches to you,


I've also used flannel-backed table cloths for my backing - put the flannel side toward the stabilizer, so that the vinyl side is toward the machine.  It doesn't seem to "stick" as much as just plain clear vinyl.  Makes really great reunion favors!

Thank you al so much!

I felt I would be washing these when needed, so I never thought about mold.  However, I don't live where the humidity is high, and mold is seldom an issue.  Thanks for bringing that up.

I love the flannel-backed table cloth idea!

I will check into the download issue.

You inspire me!! Pat

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