It started with a button

I suppose we all have had this happen from time to time (or more often!) that we are minding our own business, and out of the blue comes something that inspires you in a manner that you cannot ignore.

Mine started with a button.  I was walking through a local department store and from 30 feet away, a set of buttons, hanging innocently from a rack, caught my eye.  My feet winged me to the button, and I don't exactly know how, the button just talked to me. . .   I knew I had to create a project around that button set (there were 3 and were coordinated, not alike).  Jeez, it is so wonderful when your brain is ticking and tocking away with thoughts of wonderful items that would be the talk of the next picnic, party or any event. 

Well, I had not done anything for my 18 month old granddaughter in about 3 days, so she is going to get my latest and greatest find. 

I decided to put it on a simple summer shirt, I love the adorable Garanimal collection.  Since my daughter lives in Phoenix, something light is needed to work for my granddaughter.  I selected one in Sunshine Yellow!  I really mean SUNSHINE! 

Next, I wanted to have a simple embroidery design to compliment the buttons and be fun at the same time.  Well, since I felt it was a great blog item, I contacted Diane Brown (aka The Keep It Simple Diva) to get a sweet  baby design that I would be able to share with you.  As usual, Diane (the woman of many talents) had something that was perfect!   You get the footie design here courtesy of AnnTheGran!!!

After embroidery and button placement, I got started with DalCrystals.  These crystals are every bit as good as Swarovski Crystals but at a significantly better price.  I enjoy using them on everything that I embroider and other things as well.  Just like embroidery, anything that will stand still is fair game for DalCrystals.  LOL  Stick out tongue

I added green painted toe nails and a few on the neckline.  I think it is sometimes difficult for me to decide when to stop, I just could have put crystals all over that shirt. . . .


Addis shirt  



I really wish my camera would show the great sparkle.  It does not show my embroidery very well either. 

Well, then I thought, I had planned to do an embroidered birth plaque for each of their walls.  So, I started on that too. . . .

After 51 thread colors, with 61 thread changes (total for the two - Indifferent), I had two wonderful items for the kids' rooms.


You can see in the designer's photo that there is much detail, therefore 35 color changes.  For any newbie out there who is thinking of adjusting those colors for fewer thread changes, let me say this:  the digitizer is laying stitches precisely where they need to be for this specific placement.  If you "shortcut" and make one color completely run through at a time, you may lose some of the detail. 

Again, my camera needs adjustment because, despite some color changes (hair and dress), my sew out is as lovely as the design photo above.  Here is the collection for Morango, but you can buy them separately as welll.



My project is almost complete, I just need frames for my birth plaques. 

When I go to the store, I hope I don't find another "idea," because I need to dust and vacuum the house. .  And this all started with a button.

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat



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Oh, this came out so beautiful!  And thank you for the adorable file!

I love the little boy on the rocking horse.  How about a little boy sleping on his pedal tractor

When I chose this design, I had such a hard time because all the designs in this collection are terrific.  You all know I am a fan of Morango, and these are really adorable!

Thanks, Pat

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