LaRueSews-Quilts-All Wrapped up

LaRueSews-All Wrapped up

Writing this BLOG for Ann the has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.  It has taught me that I can expand myself and my knowledge far beyond the things I have done before.  I have learned that I am indeed a writer, if given a topic.  The computer has become my friend, rather than my antagonist.  I have made a few friends, from Alabama to Australia.  Also, through machine embroidery and, I have learned a new craft.  ME has become another LOVE to me, second only to quilting.

Please don’t forget me.  I’ll be around.  I will have a new avatar that will signify that I do all kinds of sewing and needlework.  Look for it and my Blogging name, LaRueSews.  When you see me again, I will be an Guest Blogger.  I’ll be back, but not for a few months. ;o)  Also, if you are on Facebook, check out LaRueSews-Sewing and Quilting Tips and Hints.  It's just beginning and needs all of your Tips and Hints.  Help me and all the members by joining and leaving your ideas to help us become better at our craft. 

This week I am posting the final part of the LaRueSews-Quilts BOM.  For anyone who has not read this BLOG before, I will sum it up.  In August 2009, I began a Block of the Month for the LaRueSews-Quilts  During the previous months, I had asked the readers how I could best help them in their desire to continue quilting.  The only requests I received were Block of The Month.  While I felt inadequate to fill the requests, I used the beginning quilting computer program called Quilt Design Wizard to plan a Sampler Quilt.  Since then, I have posted at least one block each month for my readers to use as a guide to make a sampler quilt.  I have now posted all of the blocks.  You can go to the left side of this BLOG and find the Archive with all postings for this BLOG.  August 2009 began the BOM. 

In this BLOG, I will post the requirements for the borders.  If you have questions about adding borders to your quilt, try going to this Google search for help. You may email me at with any questions about quilt construction.

This LaRueSews Block of the Month Contest is for your BOM quilt top.  No need to have it quilted and finished.  But it must have borders.  If it IS quilted, all the better.  Kudos to you if you get it done. ;o)

Borders for LaRueSews BOM

First border, Blue-2 ½ inch width.  Cut the width by the measured length of each side.

Second border-1 ½ inch width.  Cut the width by the measured length of each side.

Third Border-3 ½ to 4 inches.  Cut the width by the measured length of each side.

The BLOG readers were offered the opportunity to make the quilt and enter it in a contest for the LaRueSews BOM Quilt.  At first, I wrote some tentative rules for this BOM contest.  As time has passed, I have learned through time and experience that those rules needed to be adjusted a bit.  This is how it stands right now;  Only the quilt makers who submit an entry will vote on the quilt of their choice.  Votes will be taken at  All other communication concerning this LaRueSews-BOM should be sent to,  Please follow these instructions to be sure that your quilt is entered.  Please be sure that you are proud of your entry and the photo you have made of your quilt.  It will help you win!

--Quilts may be entered in the LaRueSews BOM contest by submitting a picture to

–Entries must be received no later than July 16, 2010. 

- All quilt tops received will be posted to a special Gallery and a link will be sent to those who have entered.

–All voting will be done during the week of July 16 through July 23, 2010.  Email your votes for First place and runner up to

-Winners will be announced July 30, 2010.

--I will post a “READY TO VOTE” and a “HERE’S THE WINNERS” blog at the specified times.

Two prizes will be awarded:

1ST Place:  $30 Ann the Gran store credit

Runner Up:  $20 Ann the Gran store credit

Each person who submitted a completed quilt top for the contest may choose One Free Embroidery design from Morango Branded designs.  You will be emailed instructions for your selection when your entry is received.
Good luck to all who have entries.  Get them posted in the Gallery.

Stitches to you,

A little extra, just for YOU.

Since this, is a quilt contest.  I am posting some rules that I found on eQuilter Forum that are guidelines for quilt judges.  Take a look if you are entering a quilt.  It will help you make your quilt a winner.
Some rules below may not apply since this will be a quilt top only.  Use them only as a guide.  It may be a good reference if you ever plan to enter a quilt in a show.

Thanks to eQuilter Fabric Passion Forum for the use of this article found on that Forum

Rules for Judges from eQuilter Forum

Tuesday, March 18, 200812:59 AM

[Fabric Passion Forum:] Digest 31278 - 31292

I have participated in shows (and occasionally won prizes) and recently was asked to speak at a guild regarding entering quilts in shows. You commented that some of the winning quilts "were not attractive at all” .... well, keep in mind that some of the criteria are quite subjective, something that you may like may not be to a judge's taste and vice versa!!

The state guild that I belong to (Colorado Quilt Council) has a judging committee and they use a full-page form when they judge a show. The entrants get a copy of this form when their quilt is returned, and it is very informative. Many of the other shows that I have entered in only return a one or two line comment from the judge, not nearly as helpful. Even CQC's biannual contest - their own show - the feedback in the past has been very limited (because they don't use their judging committee, since the judges are also members and are entering their quilts, so they can't be the judges).

Having said that, here are some of the things that are detailed in CQC's form: - Piecing: Precise general construction; comers and points match; stitches do not show; thread color is appropriate

- Applique: Securely attached without puckers; curves are smooth and points are sharp; stitching is even; dark fabrics don't shadow under light

- Hand quilting: Stitches are even and consistent, front and back; no visible knots or backstitches; no pleats or bubbles on front or back

- Machine quilting: Tension is balanced; stitches are even and consistent; stops and starts are not obvious; no pleats or bubbles or distortion of top

- Amount of quilting: Sufficient and appropriate for design of top and batting type; consistency maintained throughout.

- Borders: Construction well executed with straight seams; no ripples, puckers, or stretching; comers precise.

- Finishing: Binding is well executed and consistent width; stitching is secure; comers are square; edges are straight; batting extends to outer edge of binding

- Special techniques: (Embroidery, tying, embellishments, beading, overlays, trapunto, photos, etc.) Secure, neat, and effectively executed

- Visual impact: Line, shape, color, texture, and value effectively used to produce an interesting, balanced, and well-proportioned design.

- Quilting pattern: Complements the top design, fills the spaces well.

- General appearance: Neat and clean; no visible markings, lint, soil, pet

hair, odor, or stains; no obvious distortion or sewing problems.

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You are going to be so missed!

I am glad you will do an occasional blog so we can hear what you are up to - -  and we know you are up to a lot of things!!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Thanks, Pat

It's been a fun ride, but I think I've run out of time and things to say.

Love you,


Thank you, enjoy your freedom!

Thank you so much Sherry.  Keep in touch.

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Stitches to you,


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