The Top 5 Sewing Machine Oils


For all the sewing machine enthusiasts out there, getting your hands on the best machine oil is essential in every sense of the word. There are no two ways about that, whatsoever. After all, how else will you ensure that your sewing machine will remain perfectly functional for several years? Earlier, most people paid little to no attention regarding sewing machine oil on the whole, but now that is definitely changing for the better. You can be sure of that fact.

For those of you who have a hard time taking the aspect of sewing machine oil seriously, things are certainly not as rosy as they seem on the surface. In a staggering 99% of cases regarding sewing machine repairs and wear and tear, it has been proven that a continued lack of lubrication is bound to lead to your machine eventually becoming non-functional. This is a fact,  whether you fancy an industrial sewing machine over a canvas sewing machine.

Ultimately, which kind of sewing machine you fancy is up to you. However, the oil is the same in all of them and one has to be sure of the fact that they are thoroughly clued-up about the main sewing machine oils. Here are the top five oils:-


  • ZOOM-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil 4FL.OZ: With Zoom Spout being one of the few reliable brands out there, you can be sure of the fact that any of their products will meet your needs in every way. Not only is this oil easily to apply, but it is at an extremely affordable price as well.
  • Singer Machine Oil, 4 Fluid Ounce: This is one of the few all-purpose sewing machine oils out there in the market that actually ends up expanding the lifespan of your machine longer than most other oils. Since it is multi-purpose, it can be used on vacuum cleaners, typewriters, computers, bicycles and a host of other household appliances.
  • ZOOM-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oiler/4Oz: Being another multi-purpose oil, this not only lubricates your machine, but also goes a long way in preventing it from rusting as well. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has an extendable telescoping spout that makes it easy for you to reach even the deepest hidden parts of your machine. Plus it is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.
  • Lily White Sewing Machine Oil: This is one multi-purpose oil that keeps wear and tear at bay for a significant period of time. The two main characteristics is that the oil itself has low viscosity and comes in a gallon bottle, ensuring that one does not have to worry about buying a separate refill.
  • Dritz Sewing Machine Oil, 4 Ounce: Having all the features required of a top-notch sewing machine oil, what is more striking is the fact that this takes care of and eradicates all corrosion attempts that threaten to cut short the life-span of your machine. Packing quite a punch in a tiny bottle, this one does come highly recommended. 

At the end of the day, it is vital that you get a good idea about oil. And if you think that nothing is evident over a certain period of time indicating that it is okay if you don’t do anything about getting oil, you are very much mistaken. In this regard, a long period of time is the slowest and most sureshot killer when it comes to a defunct machine. There is little to no doubt about that fact. Over the course of time, all the moving parts of the machine will end up wearing out faster, which will lead to them becoming much tighter. That is when things will ultimately come to a halt as far as the overall functionality of your sewing machine is concerned. So do make sure that you keep that fact in mind at all times.

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