LaRueSews-Quilts--Major Project Finished!

Some of you may remember that I have been working on a complicated project.  I called it my "1,000 year project" when I began in 2003. Well, I am 993.5 years ahead of schedule. I finished it after having surgery on my hand in March.  Here it is:  Indigo Sunset.

Indigo Sunset

This time I am posting the last three blocks of the LaRueSews BOM. I am bringing the news that LaRueSews-Quilts will be ending after the next BLOG comes out. The last two years (almost) have been a roller coaster for me. The first six months were a great learning experience. Since I was nearly computer illiterate, posting a BLOG was one of the most trying times I can remember. With posting a BLOG for the first time, I was also dealing with TRYING to post a BLOG via Dial-up internet service. I can never forget how difficult that was! I am still amazed that Greg and I could get it online at all. The next nine months were much better, and I felt like I might go on for a long time. Then, I realized that I was coming to the end of my personal knowledge of Quilting. For the whole first year, I was writing about things that were in my head and from my own trials and challenges with quilting. I was drawing on the things I knew from being a member of a Quilt Guild for more fifteen years, and from a lifetime of watching and doing the process of making quilts.

By the time I asked all of you last year what you wanted me to write about, I knew that I had to find some other way to write this BLOG. I was no longer drawing on my own knowledge, I had to study, and do the things I wrote about. By that time, it was becoming an effort to find things of interest to write about. You have probably notice that LaRueSews has become shorter and farther apart. The longer I stay with it, the harder it has become. So, my dear friends, there will be just one more LaRueSews BLOG after this one. That BLOG will hopefully show the finished quilt top including borders. I still have to make the last three blocks that are in this BLOG, and add borders.

So get sewing! Finish up so that you can post your quilt photos on the Gallery for all to see.

These are the last three blocks: Sawtooth Star, Flying Goose Variation, and Lost Ships. The Lost Ships block is a bit tougher, but i know you are up to the challenge. You may notice that the Lost Ships block is printed upside-down, because the ships “sails” are down instead of up.

The quilt program did that, I couldn’t change it. Click here to download the block images for printing.

This is the program generated illustration of the blocks.  You may assemble them this way or any way you wish.

These blocks and many more are in the Quilt Design Wizard program, available on the AnnTheGran Shop.

I'll be back with you one more time as LaRueSews-Quilts.  Look for me as a guest Blogger sometime in the future.  I just might learn something new to write about!

Stitches to you,


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This quilt is fabulously beautiful!

Wow, what a quilt!  Congratulations on finishing it.  

Love your quilt, congrats on finishing it so many years ahead of schedule.  Thank you for your blog, sounds like it was quite a job.  Maybe you can just have fun now.

Love the quilt!!! is that a commercial pattern and is it available to buy.

I'm just finishing sewing blocks on my William Morris Applique quilt and

would love to do something like that next.

Hi LaRue

First let me say your quilt is fabulous.  It would really take me 1000 years to do it.  

As you know almost all of my quilts are done with ME.

I am so sorry that you will be going off of the site.  I for one will really miss you but hopefully you will be on one of the quilting lists so I can keep up with you.

This site is getting smaller all the time and I really miss the days when we had lively discussions and could have another weekend like we did in Orlando 3 years ago.

Please keep in touch priviatly and I wish you all the best.


One word beautiful!!


Though you were not the first to comment, I want to thank you first, for several reasons.  1. You have ALWAYS signed your name to your comments.  I feel it a personal compliment that you care enough to tell me who you are when you comment.  2. you have been with LaRueSews from the very beginning and you have come back time after time.  3.  You always have such good things to say.

Yes, things have dwindled here on the site, and I wish that I could continue, but likee veryone else, I need time to do my own thing.  This blog has been very time intensive and I just want more time to do the sewing that I have been missing.

Thank you, Marge.

Goaty Girl, DeeFee 1, and Charmerms,

Thank you for your comments and praise.  They are always so appreciated.

Sherry ID,

Thank you, also for staying with LaRueSews as well.

You have been one of those who has always commented on my Blogs and you have been complimentary in many ways.  Thank you for sticking around.

Now, I'd like to give you all just a little bit of my feelings about reading your comments here.

After reading all of the comments throught the last thirty four Blogs, there is only one thing that I wish I could fix about everyone who has posted comments.  Please, in the furture, if you are kind enough to leave a comment, please be kind enough to sign your name.  For the Bloggers, this is a rather impersonal way do communicate with all of you, but the ones I really do remember are the ones like Marge, Pat and Vada who were eager to let me know who they are as well as what they have to say.  



What a beautiful piece of art that quilt is!!  I, for one, have been reading your blog for only the past year or so, and seldom comment, as I am simply left speechless in awe of your work!  However, I am sure I'm not the only one who reads & doesn't comment, just as I'm sure I'm not the only one who's gonna miss all your encouragement and inspiration.  I have saved every one of your quilt block instructions (tho I have not attempted a single one - YET!!), with the absolute intentions that one day, when life is on hold, there will be time (and, hopefully, money enough!) to figure them all out.  I can understand your wanting more time for more projects, and I wish you all the best.  Your time spent here & knowledge shared are appreciated!  THANK YOU ~ Karin

Hi LaRue,

Thanks for the kind words.  

I still keep in touch with Judy and I know from her how hard it is to do a blog.  With the hours you put in this you could do a lot of quilting.

As I said before we wil miss you and of course will check out you final blog.


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