Pumpkin Applique Towel - Both Sides!

It's pumpkin time! This adorable towel has an applique pumpkin on both sides. It's a lot easier to make than you think and you can use it right up to Thanksgiving!


This Pumpkin Applique by Grand Slam Designs is perfect for this project. The applique technique is the same as traditional methods. The only difference is that when you tack down fabric on one side, you do it on the other side too. Likewise, when you trim fabric on the front side, you trim it on the back as well. 

Baste the towel onto hooped water-soluble fabric-type stabilizer. Run the first color stop, the placement stitches for the stem.

Take the hoop off of your machine and add fabric over the stem on the front and back of the hoop.

Put the hoop back on the machine and run the next color stop, the tack-down for the stem.