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As it happens I have 2 daughter in laws who are quite entrepreneurial!  This week Kendal was invited to bring her Pampered Chef product to an event that had 50 attendees who also got to look at other wares that included aprons.  As it happens a local gal has begun a business making aprons, this got me to thinking….this apron thing is an opportunity for a whole new business.  Kendall already took her PC apron and glitzed it up with sewer's jewels so why not start making all kinds of cute aprons and sell them.  The photo shown is not the one I wanted to share with you but it will do!  It's for our friend Jared's deli!

Deli apron

The one I really wanted to share was my son Greg wearing his apron that exclaimend "Stinky's Barbeque", its fun and he wears it to his neighborhood grill outs.  I happen to have an apron that has plenty of stories attached to it.  A friend who worked for Simplicity at the time made a pretty quilted apron for a Holiday auction and I bought it.  I still wear the apron despite the fact that it is thread bare and does not fit quite the way it used to. That doesn't matter, what does matter is what I was thinking about or doing all the times that I was wearing it. So my idea would be to take a thought from the scrapbooking business and make aprons that have pockets in them to hold your memories!  Have to share that idea with my other DIL. 

For those of you that loved to sew you will love the new Circular Sewing Tool from Brother.  It is so cool.  Attach it to your Brother Sewing machine and  use those decorative stitches to sew in endless circles or create perfect layers of fabric that can be turned right side out to make easy and perfect flounces.  To learn more about this cool new tool visit  and search for SACIRC1 or just click here.

Circular Tool

Last month I was reading a copy of Fons and Porters' Love of Quilting and saw a quilt dedicated to a Beatles fan.  I recenty recalled this story to my friend Jean Nolte who is the editor of this magazine:  

Dear Jean

I read your May/June issue and when I saw the “Beatles”  quilt.  I immediately started to look for a photo of a quilt that we saw on a trip to London a few years ago.  Imagine being singled out of a crowd to go down to the vault at the Hard Rock Café in London!  My husband and I  had just finished our dinner and we were invited to do just that.  What really blew my mind was to see a very important guitar belonging to Eric Clapton resting against a beautiful quilt.  I found it to be amazing to see a quilt among the rock memorabilia.

Guitar and Quilt

It is probably fortuitous not to have found the picture until now anyway since this weekend my husband I got to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.  Looking at the vast collection of rock star costumes I was surprised to see how quilted fabrics were often part of a coat or hat.  Interesting.  Jimi Hendrix had a jacket made of velvet squares quilted together.  I guess us quilters were meant to be swingers!

So all you closet rockers get out your crazy fabrics and start quilting or sewing!  Have a great week!




PS my vacation was and sunny!

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Enjoyed your Blog!  

Aprons have made a comeback with the 30+ crowd.  I have been sewing aprons for about 3 years now for the younger set.  It has been fun and great to see this utilitarian item make a revival.  

As Bridesmaids gifts from "the Mom", I made each girl a reversible apron which corresponded to their personality and/or decor including one for a Roller Derby Queen in flames and digitized her Team logo on the pocket.  Endless possibilities and so much fun!

Patterns and books abound.  

Thanks for your article.



Thanks so much for explaining the Circular Sewing Tool & the link. I'll have to check it out at my dealer. I've been very curious about it since seeing it in their newletter.


I agree with Rosie, we need to have a better understanding of how things work.  Sometimes it is not obvious!


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