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Hi there, EveryBuddy.  This Blog is a milestone.  Ya know, sometimes when you count things, (anything noteworthy) the numbers that end in Zero are important.  That goes especially in Birthdays, like 20, 40, etc.  Some of ‘em, are BIG ones.  Well, my friends, this Blo... [More]

Exhibition of African Folklore Embroidery Art draws 20,000 people

I was so excited by the number and diversity of entries and the positive response from over 20,000 people that viewed the African Folklore Embroidery Exhibition at the Road to California Quilt Show. While the rules of African Folklore Embroidery are simple,  (‘Whatever color you choose to... [More]

Take The Quiz!

--> It’s time for some fun. I was recently asked about doing a Facebook application. You know, Facebook, one of the social sites on the internet. Where people who haven’t seen each other can chit chat and generally make a nuisance of themselves. It’s a good way to keep ... [More]

Keeping It Simple – Getting the Right Design to the Machine

Getting the right design into your machine is a most important part of enjoying your embroidery experience.  I have been using an embroidery machine for so long that lots of things have become second nature and I just do them without thinking.  Like viewing designs using the Brother PED-Ba... [More]

I know, I want a blog!

It sure has been a busy month....On December 10, I took the plunge and had toe surgery....I had two hammertoes that required a bit of slicing and dicing.  That meant I hobbled around with "the big boot" for a few weeks and then I got to don the "little boot." I had to chuckl... [More]

Rogue Security Software

These tips can be used for Windows XP and Vista - Operating systems vary, if in doubt, check with your provider and/or technical support.   Perhaps the term Rogue Security Software is new to you, it is a form of computer malware that deceives or misleads users into paying for the fake or si... [More]

Keeping It Simple - Crayon Chalk Tote

  I have been dog sitting a five month old puppy for the last 2 weeks.  Sage is pretty good, but she is definitely all puppy.  And Big! Ok, I admit I am used to small dogs - Papillons, which are usually 7-10 pounds.  So, when this pretty Brittany Spaniel jumped in my lap right b... [More]

Scott's Corner - What's coming in 2010

Hello everyone,   I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and had a wonderful bringing in of the New Year. I am looking forward to all the information we have to share with you in 2010.  It is going to be an exciting year.  We will be looking at Microsoft Outlook more closely and expl... [More]

It's Good to be Home

Just to clarify, the rumors that I fell off the face of the Earth are patently false. While it’s true that I was skipping about all over the face of the Earth, at no time did I actually tumble into the stratosphere. So, where have I been? First I went up to Kentucky for two weeks with my daugh... [More]

LaRueSews-Quilts--Quilter, Quilter, Who Are You?

My quilt guild, called Memory Makers Guild was just a little over the top today.  The guild is a small group, but what it lacks in numbers, it makes up for in talent.  I’ve known most of these ladies for at least a year, and some of them, as much as three years.  We have grown c... [More]

Keeping It Simple with a Lovey Blankie Blank

We are looking forward to another grandchild and I have vowed not to be scrambling when it arrives to be finishing things up.  Only time will tell but our grandaughter and I have been working on a soft book for her new brother or sister.  We will show it to you when we ... [More]


Welcome to 2010 .. the New Year has me off working on my designs site.  It is truly a daunting task to find art that you are allowed to replicate and sell, digitize it, sample it, load it on the site, define the design, and ready it for sale and distribution.  No matter how tough, our staf... [More]

Positive Bead Crafts- African Folklore Embroidery Traveling Exhibition

BEADED AFRICAN VILLAGE, - Positive beadwork and the Rainbow nation   Perceptions and associations of Africa frequently revolve around drought, starvation and AIDS. I wanted to design a piece that reflected the artistic and diverse cultural beauty of South Africa. While I love living in Ameri... [More]

Save Money When Printing (MAC is included).

  These tips can be used for Windows XP and Vista and MAC- Operating systems vary, if in doubt, check with your provider and/or technical support.   Several years ago, the 'powers that be' told us that we were going to become a paperless society.  I don't know about y... [More]

'Tis the season to help others

As the holiday season heats up I decided to get my toes operated on.  What was I thinking?  This is time of year when everyone is running around. Not me.  In the last few days I had to learn how to do my holiday shopping on line. My DIL helped me figure out how to get free shipping wh... [More]

It's Adorable You!

About 3 years ago I was sitting on my porch looking out across the Puget Sound. John Deer (Adorable Ideas) and his family were visiting with us and we were just enjoying the view of the water and relaxing. It occurred to me to ask him, "If you could ask for any embroidery software feature that ... [More]

Hints For Photographing Holidays and Parties

Just in time for holiday fun, here are a few tips for getting some really great shots.  Let's start out with some basics: Start with a camera.  OK, that sounds a little sarcastic, but the fact is that the auxiliary phones, ipods, etc., just don't have a great deal of real depth ... [More]

Ribbon Trim Adds a Special Touch to some Really Trendy Linens!

I've been looking through Spring catalogs from some of our suppliers and I'm seeing lots and lots of damask patterns and designs.  It inspired me to think ahead to next year because I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of it too!  It may be a little late to get something done for... [More]

Leaping In, With a Mac

Hello fellow embroiderers, design seekers and stash collectors! 'Leaping In' begins with a non-PC topic. No, I'm not being Politically in-Correct right out of the gate here at ATG. I'm talking about Mac computers and the lack of embroidery support for them. That other 'PC' ... [More]

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The Project Gone Wrong

AAAHHHH!  Christmas Time-It’s a wonderful time of year when we all rush around, from one party to another.  Rushing the kids to their parties, and activities, while planning for the cookies we will bake when we get enough time.  We spend hours, thinking, planning scheming for th... [More]

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Hey Everyone!  It's that time of the year again---time to start coming up with some quick and easy gifts for folks on our list.   I try to make the most of every single minute I have in the sewing room because I just don't get as much time in there as I want.  But I do wa... [More]

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Keeping it Simple - Puppy Love and Gingerbread Man Coasters

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LaRueSews-Quilts-Be Your Own Judge

This has been a busy month. We recently went to Nashville again to sign a contract on a Motor Home that we saw last month. It’s like new, though used, and really beautiful. We will get it the first week of December.   Also, my sewing machine has been back to the factory, or wherever dis... [More]

Needles and Thread .. best recommendations

Hello everyone.  Had some spare time in my new married life and wanted to touch base with this great community!! I have been emailing my customer base about needles and thread and how my experience may help those that are either new, or, just have never given these two important tools much tho... [More]

People I meet and why they are hip to the possibilities of sewing…

In today's office environment  the more popular method of communication is email but when my phone rings I can almost guarantee that I will be hearing from someone who is completely enthralled by sewing and wants to tell more people about what is happening in the world of sewing in the... [More]
The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Pumpkins and kids - INTRODUCING - FRANKENBIRD! (Freebie)

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Pumpkins and kids - INTRODUCING - FRANKENBIRD! (Freebie)

It has finally cooled down here in Arizona, it is 94 degrees today. . . (humidity around 40% - it is a dry heat.)

I found some information on keeping your pumpkin fresher longer. It was the Better Homes and Garden (BHG) Newsletter.

7 Tips for Making Your Halloween Pumpkins Last Longer

Although there's no way to make your carved pumpkins last FOREVER, you can still take a few steps to extend their life. Use these ingenious tips (plus 5 must-have products!) to love your carved pumpkins for longer.

Photo courtesy of BHG


You've scored the perfect pumpkin at the patch and carved the coolest design onto it (like a stencil of your dog), only for it to be rotted before Halloween week even starts. Now what? Don't let your precious pumpkin carving time and effort go to waste: Learn how to make your carved pumpkins last longer.

There are some precautions you can take to preserve your pumpkin before you even start carving, as well as care techniques to follow when you're finished to ensure that your pumpkin will be looking fresh until October 31.

Before You Start…

Let It Dry

When cleaning out your pumpkin, make sure that the inside is completely free of guts. Before taking carving tools to your pumpkin, let the cavity dry out; moisture inside the pumpkin, paired with more air exposure from cuts, will lead to faster rot.

Leave the Stem Alone

Cutting a hole in the top of your pumpkin (where the stem is) to empty its cavity may seem like the natural way to do it. However, cutting the stem off is actually unhealthy for the pumpkin—the stem serves as the pumpkin's lifeline, still delivering nutrients to the rest of the pumpkin (even off the vine!). Instead of cutting an opening around the top, cut one on the side or back of the pumpkin. That way, the stem stays attached.

Once It’s Carved…

Make a Pumpkin Spray

DIY a pumpkin spray to keep your jack-o'-lantern looking its best all season. Fill up an empty spray bottle with water and add one tablespoon of peppermint castile soap. Shake the bottle to mix contents and spray your carved pumpkin daily. Peppermint acts as a natural fungicide, which will slow down the decay process.

Avoid Candles

While a flickering candle inside your carved pumpkin is festive at night, it’s best to avoid fire in or near your pumpkin. The flame inside a pumpkin will cause the interior to dry out, causing it to rot faster. Instead, use a flickering battery-operated light.

Moisturize It

You may notice that when carved pumpkins begin to rot, the edges where they're cut are the first places to deteriorate. Rub petroleum jelly around the carved parts of the pumpkin to lock in moisture. If you don’t have petroleum jelly on hand, use olive oil or coconut oil.

Give It a Bath

Pumpkins resist heat, so shriveling is a good indication that your pumpkin needs a cold shock. Try giving it an ice bath for about an hour or leave it in the refrigerator overnight. This tip is especially important if you live in a region where Halloweens are warm and humid.

Keep Bugs Away

Keep fruit flies from eating away at your pumpkin. To do this, you need to first make sure that all pumpkin guts are removed, which is what the fruit flies desire. If you notice that these pesky insects are hanging around your pumpkin, place a fruit fly trap nearby.

I am personally not a fan of a (live) vegetable sitting around on anything. We don't do it for other holidays, why not setting a new tradition. I am thinking about all the fake pumpkins available today. Skip Amazon and head for the Dollar Store. It is loaded with fun items and, naturally, pumpkins. (Although, years ago, I did grow a yam near my carport window. It actually grew out the window and flowed down the carport wall. . . )

Using the largest pumpkin available (each store has a different selection!), create my Frankenbird (it was time for a makeover. . .) with a few tricks, you will have a decoration that will last for years to come.

First, some tips -

  • Select a piece of fabric to match the pumpkin. My plan (yours may vary) is to create my embroidery and look like it is embroidered on the actual pumpkin. You can also use a transparent fabric wherein I would trim the design and glue it to framework. Another possibility would be to use a fabric that glows in the dark. With all these options, you could make a dozen and each would be different!
  • Choose your thread colors for their sparkle and/or florescent qualities. There are glow-in-the-dark threads and using eight colors would make it really interesting. Since you will likely have faux candle lights on in the candy distribution center, place your project in a dimly lit area. Make sure your colors pop, this is no place for pastels.
  • I actually did the outline with two threads, both in the needle at the same time. I was not going for a significant difference in colors, I chose a beige and a sparkling gold metallic to blend together. You may remember my blog on using two threads in a single needle sew. Your automatic threader may do the threading just fine, or dunk the two tails in water and finger press them together. 
  • The outline for Frank is done in the 'Bean Stitch' aka the triple stitch. It should do a good job of making itself seen. However, if you like, you can rerun that color two times, consecutively, for a little more impact.
I hope you enjoy my take on this character. His hair is uneven, shoe laces untied and he actually has a ring - probably a class ring from the class of 1736. Let me know what you do with the design, use the Comment Area below. I truly want to hear from YOU!


(Ssshh. . . don't tell a soul, but here is another freebie in a blog that is full of great tips - - -  Click on the photo to go to that blog.) 

Thanks for checking this Blog. It is my pleasure to write it for YOU.

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