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If I have one recollection of my childhood that stands out, it has to be the sound of the wooden screen door, just off the kitchen, as it slammed in the warm summer afternoon.  It had a coiled spring that yanked it back three times before it actually came to a stop.  It represents the sound of summer to me - well along with the crack of the bat when we played baseball in the street.   This photo looks a lot like that old door.

And, thank you John Greenleaf Whittier for the beautiful poem that made me recall fond memories, you can read it at this site. This link is courtesy of Poetry Foundation. 

I have been thinking about those summers and had seen people do some embroidery on those screens.  I read what they had to say, and I felt it sounded interesting, so I did my own version.

I read that they were stabilizing their project.  I must confess, I cannot think of a stabilizer stronger than the screen that I had available from my storage area.  I know that there are differing types and fabrications of the screens, mine is metal and had no ‘give' at all.  I did not stabilize my project. 

I did my discovery sew (aka sewout) and found that the satin stitches were a bit choppy.  That is not really a problem, my real issue is that the screen is new and I did not want to remove it to put it into my machine. 



sewing   sewing

If you decide to replace a screen and want to do this technique, I recommend that you carefully measure your opening and cautiously mark a point for your embroidery.  That means that whoever is going to install your screen needs to work with you to determine where to place your embroidery.  The only other issue is that if the screen is long or large, you will want to roll up the long section and use some sort of clip to keep it secure in that position. 

screen roll up

You will obviously use the same colors on the front as well as the back so that the project is the same on both sides.  And, lastly, use of words might be a problem. 

Personally, I would select a floral for the summer.  By the time you put up the storm doors, that screen probably will be ready to replace for next year, especially if you do have one or two bare foot sweethearts coming and going through that door. 

I selected a different method for my screen.  I used a very nice FSL and created it twice in different colors.  I then sewed the FSL on either side of the screen.  I like the outcome. 


But I could not stop at one - sort of like potato chips. . . Since I have a 15-Lite (3 x 5 panels) door, I decided to add more FSL flowers.


I am so happy with this project!!  I will finish filling in the panes with flowers soon.  I cannot wait until winter where I will place 15 different FSL snowflakes. 

Since I live in southern California and can leave the screen up year round, so the FSL is my best option.  I will replace it at the change of the season.  Maybe I will change it every month since it is a quick and easy project!

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I love this idea......what a great way to dressup your front door. Do you actually put the screen into your hoop? Does that not distort or damage it? I really want to try this......Tina

I did actually place a scrap of screen into the hoop.  I had one scrap that was probably a polyester and it distorted the design terribly.

I also used a discovery sew (aka sewout) on metal/aluminum and it did not distort anything.  The satin stitches were a little choppy, but not terribly.

I already had new screen on my door, so I did not sew them to the screen, I attached some FSL by using invisible thread.

If I did not have the 15 panes, I would have done a larger design directly onto the mesh of the screen.



Once again, an interesting idea. I like your idea of the FSL. I would think sewing directly on the stiff screen would be hard on the machine.

Good luck with those 15 panes!


Thanks Rosie!  I just don't know where the time goes these days!


Cool project, Pat. Great ideas come from clever minds.

Too bad I don't have any screen doors.  Also, sorry I'm late reading your post.  



I do understand that, but these can be placed on window screens as well.

I cannot say it enough, I love doing this blog and love even more when I get comments.

Thanks LaRue!

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